Boxer Refuses to Eat, does Astrid only want Treats?

This mystery has been happening for years,  yet still baffles me. Sometimes Astrid simply refuses to eat her breakfast. She'll sit by her bowl to ensure Bodhi does not eat it, however she won't. She'll sit there guarding the bowl, until, I put it on the counter (so Bodhi does not get it) and then she'll go about her business. 

Usually on days like this, her tummy will growl all day, and she will refuse all foods. She may much a few greens from the yard, which makes me wonder if she has an upset tummy, then by evening, she's ready for a meal and seems to want her breakfast AND dinner all at once!

She is doing this, once again, today. It really drives me bonkers, she's here by my feet at my desk - and her tummy is making those squishy, squeaky sounds... I feel for her, I don't want her to be hungry! I'll ask her if she wants kibbles, and she will hop, leap and bound into the kitchen - only to NOT eat! However, if I were to offer her a chicken jerky, she'd take it...

Which always makes me think of the night before, and who in this house may have been giving her an extra dose of people food... which makes me realize she often boycotts her dog noms the day after receiving significant hoooman foodies....

SO I am really starting to think it's not that she's not hungry, it's that she is holding out for a treat vs her dog food. Perhaps she is trying to guilt me into feeding her a treat, with her pitiful growling little tummy.

Hmmmm, sneaky Boxer...

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Boxers Love Sunshine, but is it safe?

The Boxer Duo, Astrid and  Bodhi LOVE the sun... If the back door is open they will go in and out all day basking in the sun's warm rays. When inside, they grab any bit they can as it streams through a window.

How much sun is okay for dogs? Dogs, like humans, can indeed get sunburned! Their skin is sensitive like ours, so do keep an eye on your favorite fido if they are sun worshipers. Especially if they have areas of thinner hair, light fur or pink skin... (boxer ears and tummies may need special attention)

How to keep your fur babies safe from the sun...

  1. Use dog safe sunscreen (yes they have it, ask your vet) test to prevent irritation.
  2. Monitor  their sunshine hours (worst between 11 and 4)
  3. Make sure they  have shade (and water) if they're out all day.
  4. There are also pet clothing alternatives that can help too.
Keeping your Boxers safe and healthy helps them to live longer, happier lives!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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Dog Food Delivery, I found

A couple weeks ago on a Friday I was not feeling 100%... I stayed in bed all day and remembered I was almost out of dog food. The very last thing I wanted to do was get in my car and go to Pet Food Express to get a 30 pound bag of dog food...

So I went to Google and searched for local dog food delivery, and found (if you visit please use code ALET0624 and I'll get a $5 credit, Bodhi and Astrid thank you!) I checked to see if they have my brand of dog food, Taste of the Wild Pacific Salmon, and they sure did!

It was better when I found the price on my brand of dog food was lower than Pet Food Express... Even better, next day delivery (on a Saturday). EVEN BETTER, free delivery if I signed up for auto ship! I pondered it for a few (not a big fan of auto ships) however I decided that if I could have Astrid and Bodhi's food delivered to my front door on the same schedule that I'd drive across town, in city traffic to get their food. Well, WIN WIN situation!

So with the onsite coupon and auto ship, I got a 30 pound bag of dog food plus a bag of treats with FREE shipping for about $10 less than I would have paid for ONLY  bag of dog food at Pet Food Express (not counting the fuel I'd use and time spent to go there).

In addition, you can shop across multiple sites and get great discounts on other types of goodies too, bath goodies, food goodies... I've not explored them all as I was under the weather, placed and order, and went back to bed, but I wanted to share so maybe some fellow Boxer lovers can find great deals on great dog food and other things as well!

I got my order, as promised, on Saturday via FedEx! Perhaps the only time the Boxer Duo was excited for a delivery box coming into the home because they KNEW it was their noms! LOL

This is an unsolicited review of, if you visit their website and place and order, please use my referral code of ALET0624 to give me a $5 credit toward future purchases {hugs}.

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Time for Comfortis, Good Bye Fleas

I had enough... when the fleas were hopping on ME, biting my ankles, etc... I was so mortified and disgusted I was ready to do nearly ANYTHING. Seriously, like MOVE.

I called the vet and said I was ready for whatever they had, and they recommended Comfortis. I was really concerned with basically feeding my dog some sort of toxin that was going to kill fleas when they bit the dog...

She explained to me that the chemical compound used in Comfortis was discovered in a jungle. Scientists were doing research and noticed that there were certain areas within the jungle that had NO bugs at all. They found this fascinating and discovered that all these areas had one thing in common, a certain plant.

So, this plant is the basis for the flea treatment Comfortis. Now I'm not sure how accurate this is, it's just what I was told, but it sure made me feel better. LOL. I KNOW many 'drugs' are derived from nature, and are not SAFE. But,as I mentioned above, I was ready for ANYthing that was going to work.

So I bought one dose for each, Astrid and Bodhi. It was $31.50 for two pills (discounts for larger quantities of course) but I wanted to see how it worked! Since the Boxers are about 30 pounds different in weight, they each had different dose pills.

The pills look just like the ones in the picture, the dogs LOVE them, like they are special treats! So if you get Comfortis to help with your Boxer flea problem, and if you get multiple doses, do NOT keep the extras where the Boxers can find them. They'll eat them for a snack and get VERY sick if they overdose!

Basically you give your Boxer the Comfortis flea pill once a month, it does its magic and when fleas jump on the dog and bite the dog to feed, that flea is going to be dead soon after. I used to 'catch' fleas and wash them down the sink, now I find dead fleas on the Boxers. I am not finding any more 'flea dirt' (blood excrement from adult fleas feeding which is then consumed by flea hatchlings) which shows me that it is working. In addition I see very FEW live fleas around. Still some, but I know the process takes time.

The Comfortis helps to stop the cycle of fleas, they are killing the adults, and also the newly hatched fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. You STILL have to keep up on vacuuming. Every (EVERY) single day. Remember that flea eggs can lay dormant and hatch when weather is prime. I'm keeping the Boxer Duo on these pills as here in California we're still in a drought. It was 72 yesterday and I swear that a new batch of fleas hatched. OMG. It has been a couple months that they've been on Comfortis and I plan to keep them on it through this year as we are still in an extremely dry drought with warm weather headed our way.

It's a battle, but we're WINNING!

Alethea Anderson
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Removing Boxer Stitches

So it is Christmas Day, we have company coming over, and we decided to take Bodhi's 'Lamp Shade' off his head (the Boxer Duo's appointment for stitch removal is tomorrow). Well no sooner did we take the cone off his head, he started right in on  his arm trying to pull the stitches out. He was literally trying to RIP them out of his skin....

So I did a little Google research and decided to take the stitches out of ONLY his arm (none of the other places). I read that you snip only ONE side near the knot, so you can pull the entire stitch out using the know. If you cut the knot off, you can actually lose the stitch in the wound!

So, with the help of my daughter, I snipped and pulled the oh-so-pretty hot pink stitches out of his arm. I saved them in a zip bag to show the vet so they knew what I did, lol...

As soon as they were out, he did not mess with his arm the rest of the day! I guess they were pretty bothersome... So I did it, yay me! Too bad I could not send a bill to the vet for my services :)

Alethea Anderson
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PS I'm not condoning removing stitches yourself or suggesting you remove stitches yourself. I'm sharing a story of something I felt I needed to do on a holiday when the vet was closed...


Astrid and Bodhi, Two-fer Surgery Day

Both Astrid and Bodhi went in for surgery and teeth cleaning today... They were quite excited to go on a car ride together! Bodhi is so much calmer when Astrid is with him in the car, he actually relaxed and laid down in the back...

Once we got there I did a quick sweep to ensure there were no dogs or cats in the front office, these two are a tough bunch to handle around other critters...

So I brought them in, Astrid was down to 56.7 and Bodhi down to 88.3, my little diet was working for them! (someone who shall remain nameless tends to give them a lot of hooman food, I've been working on making them stop!)

Astrid got a teeth cleaning, extraction of a few teeth, a couple lumps removed, some skin tags tied off and a nail trim.

Bodhi got a teeth cleaning, where they found he had never lost his puppy canines, so they pulled those, and he had some bigger lumps removed.

When I went to pick them up they were still all doped up, they appeared to have no idea I was even in the room. Eyes glossed over, looking loopy and stoned, poor sweeties...

They both looked like frank-n-boxers... they each had several squares shaved out of their fur with big stitches. So they looked kind of like patch work quilts :(

Grand total, $1604.50... however I remember that they said a 10% discount if I brought both at the same time, voila $1444.10. Still a chunk of change, but hey, what can you do?

Astird did great, even with teeth pulled she was eating that night! Bodhi did great too, however he was messing with his stitches on his front leg, so he ended up having to wear a cone! (he took to it quickly due to having to wear one so frequently in the past due to his prior foot issues)

Love your Boxers and care for them, healthy Boxers live longer, happier lives!

Alethea Anderson
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Boxer Flea Treatment, Essential Oils

I am an essential oil junkie, I probably have over 40 different essential oils on hand at any give time. I love them, I use them, they have uses for so, so many things. So I thought there surely MUST be essential oils that will either deter or kill fleas, right?

So I did some research online and found several essential oils known to deter fleas (essential oils will not KILL fleas) however they help in keeping the fleas OFF of your Boxer.

Now Boxers are super duper sensitive, i.e. orange essential oil makes Bodhi break out in hives... So you have to be extremely careful when using any pure essential oils on your Boxers... Do your research, be careful, and be safe. Some essential oils, even though they smell fantastic, and some even smell yummy, can be TOXIC to your favorite fur ball!

So I blended a few oils with some purified water to make a mist and sprayed it into the fur, it definitely kept fleas OFF the Boxers - temporarily... Since I used only water, it and the essential oils, evaporated, and the fleas came back...

I chose not to use a thicker carrier oil (this would help the essential oils adhere to the fur).... as I was working fast and had limited ingredients on hand.

Since it was a short term fix, I used the mist on my bedding (sheets, covers, etc...), on their bedding, on places they sleep, etc... as a deterrent (and a great smelling air freshener!)

I also made a larger size to spray the yard (the vet told me that any creature walking through the yard can be the cause of the fleas, opossum, squirrel, mouse, rat, deer, raccoon, etc..etc...) So I wanted to make the yard a place fleas did NOT want to be by overloading it with natural fragrance essence. (Careful around plants! I used my mist ONLY on dirt and concrete!)

You can purchase several all natural, essential oil based flea treatments at your local pet stores. They are pretty pricey, about $15 for 3-5 oz or so. But if you don't have essential oils on hand, that is much less than purchasing essential oils which can range from $10 to $40 for 5 to 10ml!

In a nutshell, do your research and don't expect any essential oils to remove the fleas from your dog or home, but they are a great way to help keep fleas off the dog :)

Alethea Anderson
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