Weight Check!

Greetings Fellow Boxer Lovers!

The other we were curious the weight of our Boxers!

Bodhi is 94#
Astrid is 54#

There ya have it, 2 bouncy, trouncy, fun - fun -fun - fun - fun Boxers! One a HUGE bohemuth and one average! LOL

~Alethea Anderson


Boxers and SNOW!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers.

Boxers and SNOW!

Boxers typically are not 'snow' dogs, being a short hair breed with a very lean, muscular build they don't have a lot of body to hold in the heat.

Bodhi and the snow...

We got Bodhi as a puppy in 2006, he met his first snow in the Winter of 2006 and fell in LOVE! He tosses it, twirls in it, bounces in it and races in it. Throw a snow ball and the goof ball will spend several minutes looking for it and then he'll eat it. He LOVES to eat the snow!

Bodhi is the bohemuth of Boxers weighing in at over 95# if not 100# by now. He's never been 'cold' in the snow and we bring him in because WE'RE cold, however he'd keep on trucking out there as long as he could.

Astrid and the snow...

We got Astrid as a rescue in 2007, she met her first snow in the Winter of 2007. Orginally from CA she had never experienced the white stuff and it was quite an effort to get her to walk out the door. Once she saw Bodhi having fun she walked on the deck under the overhang where there was no snow falling. She pee'd on the deck not wanting to get her furry tootsies cold! However, finally she hopped into the knee high snow like a blissful deer. Hopping and twisting like Tigger simply having a ball.

A very petite Boxer Astrid was shivering, so we put on a dog coat we had and she was a happy camper playing out there with Bodhi. It was a race to see who could jump, twist and chop more snow.

Watch the cold...

Keep an eye on your Boxers in the snow, make sure they have a nice warm place to come in to and never EVER leave your Boxer outside in the cold weather. Boxers are INSIDE dogs and should never be left out for extended periods of time in the cold OR hot.

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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