Boxer Refuses to Eat, does Astrid only want Treats?

This mystery has been happening for years,  yet still baffles me. Sometimes Astrid simply refuses to eat her breakfast. She'll sit by her bowl to ensure Bodhi does not eat it, however she won't. She'll sit there guarding the bowl, until, I put it on the counter (so Bodhi does not get it) and then she'll go about her business. 

Usually on days like this, her tummy will growl all day, and she will refuse all foods. She may much a few greens from the yard, which makes me wonder if she has an upset tummy, then by evening, she's ready for a meal and seems to want her breakfast AND dinner all at once!

She is doing this, once again, today. It really drives me bonkers, she's here by my feet at my desk - and her tummy is making those squishy, squeaky sounds... I feel for her, I don't want her to be hungry! I'll ask her if she wants kibbles, and she will hop, leap and bound into the kitchen - only to NOT eat! However, if I were to offer her a chicken jerky, she'd take it...

Which always makes me think of the night before, and who in this house may have been giving her an extra dose of people food... which makes me realize she often boycotts her dog noms the day after receiving significant hoooman foodies....

SO I am really starting to think it's not that she's not hungry, it's that she is holding out for a treat vs her dog food. Perhaps she is trying to guilt me into feeding her a treat, with her pitiful growling little tummy.

Hmmmm, sneaky Boxer...

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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Boxers Love Sunshine, but is it safe?

The Boxer Duo, Astrid and  Bodhi LOVE the sun... If the back door is open they will go in and out all day basking in the sun's warm rays. When inside, they grab any bit they can as it streams through a window.

How much sun is okay for dogs? Dogs, like humans, can indeed get sunburned! Their skin is sensitive like ours, so do keep an eye on your favorite fido if they are sun worshipers. Especially if they have areas of thinner hair, light fur or pink skin... (boxer ears and tummies may need special attention)

How to keep your fur babies safe from the sun...

  1. Use dog safe sunscreen (yes they have it, ask your vet) test to prevent irritation.
  2. Monitor  their sunshine hours (worst between 11 and 4)
  3. Make sure they  have shade (and water) if they're out all day.
  4. There are also pet clothing alternatives that can help too.
Keeping your Boxers safe and healthy helps them to live longer, happier lives!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?