How to choose the best dog food for your Boxer

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi at the Breeders enjoying some Scooby Snax!

Choosing food for your Boxer?

This can be a hard decision, many of us 'think' we know the brands that are best for our favorite fido - but what are the 'facts'?

It's Different Dog to Dog

All dogs are different, so what may work for one, won't work for another. As a dog owner, it is our responsibility to read labels and buy the dog food that we feel comfortable feeding our dogs.

The First 5

For the best nutrition, look at the fisrt 5 ingredients on the label. The ingredients in dog food are required to be listed in order of weight, so the first ingredient on the list is the one with the greatest volume in the food. Ingredient #1 should be a meat source, run away from a food that has corn, or any sort of grain or byproduct in as the first ingredient. Be wary of labels that contain unidentified “meat” and never a "by-product". Note also that since the list runs in order of weight, it is better to see “chicken meal” than “chicken” at the top of the list. “Chicken” includes a high degree of water content, “chicken meal” does not, it is weighed after the water was taken out. For example, “chicken” may be listed first, but after cooking and the water is removed, it may actually be the fourth or fifth ingredient, not necessarily the first as suggested.


Do not forget to look at the preservatives used. Some are carcinogenic (cancerous). Some common cacinogenic preservatives are: BHT, ethoxyquin, BHA and propylene glycol (a less toxic form of anti-freeze). Citric acid as a preservative can also be problematic as it dramatically increases the risk of bloat if the food is moistened before feeding.

Good Stuff

Look for food using tocopherols, ascorbic acid (Vitamin E) or anti-oxidants such as rosemary extract. Better yet, purchase a food that doesn’t contain preservatives at all (there are a few).


Dogs are meat eaters, bred from wolves. Wolves don't hunt grain and corn - they hunt meat! So really, really pay attention to labels. Would YOU eat the food? It should not be good enough for your dog if it's not good enough for you - pets are people too!

Helpful Links
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Want to make your own food, try the raw diet
Much of the info provided in this post was gathered from numerous posts at an online Boxer Forum, if you have a Boxer stop by and 'sit' a spell! (thank you to those who made the helpful posts, let's get the word out!)

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Boxer 'treats' - human food - the good, the bad and the ugly...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi Baby!

The Picture to the left is Bodhi with one of his house mate's at the breeder's home. He is growing healthy, strong and handsome!

Online Chat

The breeder had an open forum last night for the new Boxer parents to meet with her and ask questions. I of course was there with bells on. One of our topics was 'human foodies' for dogs.

So what kind of people food is 'ok' for Boxers?

I know, I know it is so hard to resist puppy dog eyes looking at you while eating that huge hamburger. You are tempted to offer that last bite to your canine in waiting - but is it really 'good' for your dog? (considering you have tomato, lettuce, onion, bun and toppings...)

While you may be tempted to give your pet the leftovers each night, take a moment to research what's good - or bad - for your favorite fido! You could be causing uncomfortable gas or pain not knowing a certain food is hurting your puppy pal - in circumstances, death...

Great People Food Treats:
  • Bones - RAW, uncooked in any way bones from the butcher. Not too many as they are high in calcium and can cause constipation.
  • Chicken - boneless, boiled (cut in cubes, keep in fridge, use as dog treats!)
  • Eggs - scrambled (never raw)
  • Liver - boiled (cut in cubes, keep in fridge) ((Very, VERY small amounts))
  • Potatoes - Mashed or Chopped, never raw

Okay People Food Treats:

  • Gold Fish Crackers
  • Low Sodium Crackers
  • Pasta - cooked, no sauce

NO-NO People Foodies:

  • Alcohol - can get them 'drunk' and kill them.
  • Baby Food - may contain onion powder which could poison them.
  • Bones - (cooked, bad! RAW okay)
  • Bread/Bread Dough - can rise in stomach and cause pain and discomfort.
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate - toxic % to dog's weight.
  • Fruit (Apples, Apricot, Avocado, Cherries, Grapes, Peaches, Pears, Plums) The seeds and pits can actually be toxic to dogs so it is best to avoid them.
  • Nuts - most sorts simply avoid - especially Macadamia
  • Pork
  • Red Meats
  • Rich Fatty Foods - bacon, deep fried anything, sausage, turkey skin
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Vegetables (Broccoi, Corn, Corn Cobs, Mushrooms, Onions, Potatoes (raw), Tomatoes
Here is a reference as to 'why' some of the above foods are bad.

Dog Treats from the Store?!

Well, Yes and No. The are more like 'candy' kind of doggy junk food. IMO why pay for dog candy when you could boil up a chicken breast, chunk it, and give it as treats? It's cheaper AND healthier!

Is Rawhide Good or Bad?

NO, no, NOOO! Rawhide bones can be costly to the pet owner, and dangerous to the dog. I know you probably are saying - "I've given them to my dog for YEARS"... or "why would they sell them if they were dangerous"... There just so happens to be lots of PEOPLE food they sell that is not safe - but we're talking dogs!

What IS Rawhide?

It's, raw hide, from a slaugher house. Kind of like a leather. In most cases it is soaked in chemicals so the hair falls of. Then they bleach the hide to 'sanitize' it. After the processes just mentioned (they take several days) they then 'smoke' the leather to make it oh so tastey. This shrinks the hide about 50%, which is why when your pet is chewing it it GROWS. This can happen inside your dog's stomach causing severe upset, even death.

Do this test...

Take a rawhide and put it in a bowl of water over night - see how much it grows. (that could be IN your dog's stomach you know) Take this fact plus the above info to see if you still want to feed it to your dogs. IMO if YOU won't eat it, don't give it to your dogs... (this also includes hooves, ears, etc...)

Here's a story about a dog who go sick on rawhide.

Choosing a brand of dog food...

We'll do this as another topic on a future date!

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Diary of a Boxer Breeder!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi just being cute!

Looks like Bodhi is ready to pounce and play followed by a nice bit stretccccccccccccccch! He turned 1 month old this past Saturday - 4 weeks went by THAT fast - WOW! The countdown has begun, we get to get him in 4 more weeks! (LOL I've actually been counting down since the day he was born!)

We got a Puppy Diary today about Bodhi and his 7 littermates:
  • Puppy #1- Bodhi - doing great! Shows good companion dog traits. Learning about the big world outside.
  • Puppy #2- healthy appetite. Romps and plays well with puppies and people. Does well when alone too.
  • Puppy #3- Nani- such a doll. Alpha female of the litter.
  • Puppy #4- Phoebe- "did anyone say food?"
  • Puppy #5- Dutch- very laid-back easy going. Will be good group or alone.
  • Puppy #6- Adonis- Alpha male. Listens well.
  • Puppy #7 - very sociable. Can be put in different groups adapts well.
  • Puppy #8 - She is so sweet and loves to be held. Will be an A+ companion dog.

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A day in the life of a puppy...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

It's a puppy's life...

Eat - Sleep - Play. Not necessarily in that order!

Don't forget romp, tackle the litter mates, practice little voices, harass the mama.

The hardest part of all? Being ever so cute!!!

Whew that's a lot of work, let's do it again tomorrow!

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What is 'stacking' a dog or dog stacking?

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Stacking Stance

Stacking is the 'form' a dog takes when in the show ring presenting to a judge during a dog show. Head up, tail up, chest out, feet spaced - elegant and showing the true form of the dog.

Bodhi's Example

The breeder wrote today that last night she set him in stacking stance and took a picture, look how good our baby did!

Training your Boxer to 'Stack'

This usually starts with the breeder, who will put puppy in the stacking stance and reward him with a small bit of food and lots of praise! Reinforcing a good stack with verbal praise makes puppy know he did something good! Making it fun and rewarding for puppy, makes puppy want to do it again and again. (not to mention the puppy snack!)

Your Dog Does Not Have to Be a Show Dog to Stack

You may ask, 'well I don't plan on showing my boxer, why would I want him to stack'? Well, we're not sure we'll have Bodhi be a show dog... However I think that the command 'Stack!' and having him pose in stacking position would be handy in some instances.

Ways you can use 'Stack'!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want to take a picture!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want your dog to stand at attention!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want your dog to 'freeze' in one spot!

Use your creativity and have fun with stacking, you can train your dog to utilize the command like heel, sit, stay, STACK!

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Meet Bogart and Korri, Bodhi's furr parents!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!
Meet Bodhi's furr parents...
Above is Korri, Bodhi's AKC furr Mommy!

Above is Bogart, Bodhi's AKC furr Daddy!

Beautiful Mama and Handsome Daddy = Perfect Bodhi!

We are very excited to pick up Bodhi in August, my daughter and I
have picked out a baby boy blankie for him. It is blue with sports balls
on it - lol - we could not resist! We also got some great chew and play
toys too.

The count down - 1 month and 2 days til Bodhi comes to his new home!

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Puppies and Progress

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Note from the Breeder: (she said it so well I just copied and pasted! LOL)

" Hi Everyone!

Just a few quick notes for everyone. All the puppies are doing great! Thy are growing so quickly now that the "baby" bands had to be changed 2x a week so for now their identifying collars are "kitty collars" bell less I might add lol.

They have been introduced to soft foods this week to get them a greater variety of diet. Not that "mommy's milk" isn't doing the job but after almost 3 weeks she needs a break from the "chow line" now and then.

Of course, it has become obvious who the "boys" are they are starting to get a little heavier than the "girls", but those girls can hold their own when it comes to getting some dinner.

Their first de-worming will be Sunday to insure no problems, this is standard procedure. As well as, @ 6 weeks and 8 weeks. Also their first vaccination will be @ 8 weeks. For those who do not have their own vet now is the time to "shop" around and find one you like. They will need a vaccination @ 12 weeks and again @ 16 weeks, followed up by a rabies @ 4-6 months.

Food, very important, they will go home on a diet of Nutro Max, this food can be found at Petco or Petsmart. If you do not have one of these stores in your area you may need to check your local pet/feed store to see if they also might have it. A 35# bag runs $25.99 but sometimes lower at the bigger stores. If you intend to change food be aware that if you do not gradually change their food over several weeks you could be headed for many sleep weary nights of taking puppy "potty" from upset tummy if switched right off to another food."

Have a Blessed Boxer Day!

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New collar for Bodhi!

Welcome Boxer Lovers!

New Collar for Bodhi! He's growing fast, that is a full grown cat collar!!!

Bodhi 2.5 Weeks
It's amazing how quickly he's growing, you can tell by viewing the first pictures in the blog to the pictures today. He's a healthy growing baby boy who will probably be around 15# when we get him in August!
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