Diary of a Boxer Breeder!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi just being cute!

Looks like Bodhi is ready to pounce and play followed by a nice bit stretccccccccccccccch! He turned 1 month old this past Saturday - 4 weeks went by THAT fast - WOW! The countdown has begun, we get to get him in 4 more weeks! (LOL I've actually been counting down since the day he was born!)

We got a Puppy Diary today about Bodhi and his 7 littermates:
  • Puppy #1- Bodhi - doing great! Shows good companion dog traits. Learning about the big world outside.
  • Puppy #2- healthy appetite. Romps and plays well with puppies and people. Does well when alone too.
  • Puppy #3- Nani- such a doll. Alpha female of the litter.
  • Puppy #4- Phoebe- "did anyone say food?"
  • Puppy #5- Dutch- very laid-back easy going. Will be good group or alone.
  • Puppy #6- Adonis- Alpha male. Listens well.
  • Puppy #7 - very sociable. Can be put in different groups adapts well.
  • Puppy #8 - She is so sweet and loves to be held. Will be an A+ companion dog.

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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