How to choose the best dog food for your Boxer

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Choosing food for your Boxer?

This can be a hard decision, many of us 'think' we know the brands that are best for our favorite fido - but what are the 'facts'?

It's Different Dog to Dog

All dogs are different, so what may work for one, won't work for another. As a dog owner, it is our responsibility to read labels and buy the dog food that we feel comfortable feeding our dogs.

The First 5

For the best nutrition, look at the fisrt 5 ingredients on the label. The ingredients in dog food are required to be listed in order of weight, so the first ingredient on the list is the one with the greatest volume in the food. Ingredient #1 should be a meat source, run away from a food that has corn, or any sort of grain or byproduct in as the first ingredient. Be wary of labels that contain unidentified “meat” and never a "by-product". Note also that since the list runs in order of weight, it is better to see “chicken meal” than “chicken” at the top of the list. “Chicken” includes a high degree of water content, “chicken meal” does not, it is weighed after the water was taken out. For example, “chicken” may be listed first, but after cooking and the water is removed, it may actually be the fourth or fifth ingredient, not necessarily the first as suggested.


Do not forget to look at the preservatives used. Some are carcinogenic (cancerous). Some common cacinogenic preservatives are: BHT, ethoxyquin, BHA and propylene glycol (a less toxic form of anti-freeze). Citric acid as a preservative can also be problematic as it dramatically increases the risk of bloat if the food is moistened before feeding.

Good Stuff

Look for food using tocopherols, ascorbic acid (Vitamin E) or anti-oxidants such as rosemary extract. Better yet, purchase a food that doesn’t contain preservatives at all (there are a few).


Dogs are meat eaters, bred from wolves. Wolves don't hunt grain and corn - they hunt meat! So really, really pay attention to labels. Would YOU eat the food? It should not be good enough for your dog if it's not good enough for you - pets are people too!

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Much of the info provided in this post was gathered from numerous posts at an online Boxer Forum, if you have a Boxer stop by and 'sit' a spell! (thank you to those who made the helpful posts, let's get the word out!)

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


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