Boxing Boxers

Boxing Boxers

Many are intimidated by the Boxer Breed, to those of us Boxer lovers this seems crazy as we know the breed as loving, playful and clown like. We have to remember how others may see Boxers!

Meeting Other Dogs

When my Boxers meet other dogs they fiercly wag their butts and rear up with their front feet forward. Other dog owners see this as an attack as they cannot see the mini stub wagging 100 miles per hour. Nor do they understand that Boxers literally 'box' to play with other dogs. Something to remember, dogs also watch for wagging tails and may be intimidated by your Boxer too. Always use caution when having dogs meet and be aware that meeting by leash is often not the best manner as when on a leash dogs feel they are 'on duty' to protect their owner and are not as relaxed.

The Look

I don't know how many times people have asked if my dogs were Pitbulls - argh... People don't know and just assume a muscular meat head of a dog is a Pitbull! In most cases people are wrong about those too as there are many 'bully' breeds and only one true 'Pitbull'. Boxers have a broad chest, narrow waist and very muscular thighs. They also have very short hair which readily shows all these attributes! Their faces have 2 versions, though both are Classic Fawn in coloration; our Boxer Bodhi has more American Boxer attributes with a larger stature and longer snout not as 'squishy' looking as Astrid our othe Boxer carries more of a German physique. More compact in size, squishy face and undershot jaw.

The Sounds

Boxers are very vocal in playing, this has literally scared the crap out of many visitors when double trouble decides to show off in the middle of the living room. On their hind legs, boxing with paws flying, growling, talking and wrestling. People ask 'are you going to stop the fight' and we have to teach our guests that they simply are observing Boxer play. They are stunned! Especially when we tell the 2 to 'knock it off' and they sit looking at us like 'huh?'

Boxers make great pets

To anyone considering a Boxer as a pet, they make great family friends, are very gentle with little children and are extremely devoted and loving. A Boxer will NOT thrive in a family where it will be left alone as that is when Boxers can get into trouble. i.e. favorite shoes = bye bye. Counch = snack. Leg of table = good chewing. Boxers need LOTS of attention, play time and love. I personally did not get Boxers until I worked at home!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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Change in Food, Boxers' Diet

Greetings Fellow Boxer Lovers,

When we adopted Astrid a few months ago they recommended we change the food to Dick Van Patten's brand - so we did! It has great ingredients, is naturally based, etc..etc...

Well, Bodhi kept getting sick...we could not figure it out. His eyes were watery and droopy, and his 'movements' were quite 'liquid' you could say.

I contacted Bodhi's breeder and she said though Dick Van Patten is a good food line, it is too rich for some Boxers' sensitive stomachs and that it sounded like Bodhi was allergic to the food. With the eyes and the tummy problems we decided to switch him back. No less than 2 weeks later he is 100% better and Astrid had no problem adjusting.

We originally and now went back to Nutro for Sensitive Stomachs, it's a light green bag with Chicken/Potato/Rice

The 2 beasties have been enjoying the snow, chasing the cats and knocking bows off the presents under the tree!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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Bodhi has a friend!

Greetings Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Family + 1

Recently our family got a new member! We contacted a local Boxer Rescue and found Astrid a precious Boxer Girl. She's Bodhi's twin, but mini.

Responsible Pet Owners...

We did the responsible thing as Boxer parents and got Bodhi neutered, much to his dismay. We decided it was not important to keep him 'intact' and wanted to lessen the chances of him wanting to roam the forest. Of course Astrid is spayed as well!

Astrid's Story

Astrid was found roaming the streets of central California, she was young, pregnant, hungry and dehydrated. She was taken to a shelter there she stayed until she had her puppy, which was adopted as soon as it could be. Shortly after she was on the list to be put down as no one wanted her. A Reno Boxer shelter rescued her, and then we saw her smiling face on the internet.

The Visit

We went to the shelter to visit her. She was soooo skinny but full of love, so much love. The moment we saw her we knew. We drove right home and got Bodhi so he could meet her. The bond was instant and they played like they knew eachother for years! A few days later she was at her new home sweet home.

The Duo

They are best friends, play mates and snuggle buddies. They eat together, sleep together and potty together. They also knock furniture over together, steal socks together, pull the covers off the bed together and chase the cats together!
Bouncing bundles of Boxer Bliss!

Have you hugged your Boxers today?

Alethea Anderson
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Back to Boxer Bloggin!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Time, time - it went WHERE?

We're back! Not much posting on the ol' Boxer Blog for a bit! Bodhi is now almost 15 mo old and just about the most handsome Boxer I've ever seen! (of course he IS!) I think the last time I posted he was 7 mo old (whoops where did the time go??)

Big Boy Bodhi

We get compliments on him everywhere we go, first people say "WOW he's gorgeous!" Then they say "Holy COW he's HUGE!" We knew we had a big Boxer on our hands, but he was still small to us as the beastie we had before Bodhi, Bear, was 180# in his prime. So Bodhi is still small potatoes compared to Bear, but....

Bodhi Weigh In

Today Bodhi went to the vet as we decided to get him neutered. We are not going to show him and felt it was the best for health and longevity. Plus the poor fella had to sit sideways his beans were so big so now at least he can sit normal {grin}! Anyhoo, hubby called me, Bodhi is out of surgery already and recovering AOK. He weighs 81# {WHAT?} that's what I said! Still 100# shy of Bear Bear but that's quite sizeable for a BOXER dog!

Bodhi is the BEST!

I've experienced many breeds of dogs, but I must admit Boxers are something special. The personality is warm, loving, affectionate yet Boxers are total CLOWNS! They talk, they box, they rough house, they romp. Bodhi is my best fur friend and I must admit it is quite lonely around here today without him!

Boxer Huggs,

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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Bodhi the Mountain Boxer!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Moved to the Mountains!

Back in November we moved up to the mountains, we have a beautiful home on 2.5 acres. Bodhi LOVES the land and the room to roam. He enjoys the abundance of evergreens, and he REALLY loves playing in the snow!

Alethea Anderson
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