Bodhi has a friend!

Greetings Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Family + 1

Recently our family got a new member! We contacted a local Boxer Rescue and found Astrid a precious Boxer Girl. She's Bodhi's twin, but mini.

Responsible Pet Owners...

We did the responsible thing as Boxer parents and got Bodhi neutered, much to his dismay. We decided it was not important to keep him 'intact' and wanted to lessen the chances of him wanting to roam the forest. Of course Astrid is spayed as well!

Astrid's Story

Astrid was found roaming the streets of central California, she was young, pregnant, hungry and dehydrated. She was taken to a shelter there she stayed until she had her puppy, which was adopted as soon as it could be. Shortly after she was on the list to be put down as no one wanted her. A Reno Boxer shelter rescued her, and then we saw her smiling face on the internet.

The Visit

We went to the shelter to visit her. She was soooo skinny but full of love, so much love. The moment we saw her we knew. We drove right home and got Bodhi so he could meet her. The bond was instant and they played like they knew eachother for years! A few days later she was at her new home sweet home.

The Duo

They are best friends, play mates and snuggle buddies. They eat together, sleep together and potty together. They also knock furniture over together, steal socks together, pull the covers off the bed together and chase the cats together!
Bouncing bundles of Boxer Bliss!

Have you hugged your Boxers today?

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