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Time, time - it went WHERE?

We're back! Not much posting on the ol' Boxer Blog for a bit! Bodhi is now almost 15 mo old and just about the most handsome Boxer I've ever seen! (of course he IS!) I think the last time I posted he was 7 mo old (whoops where did the time go??)

Big Boy Bodhi

We get compliments on him everywhere we go, first people say "WOW he's gorgeous!" Then they say "Holy COW he's HUGE!" We knew we had a big Boxer on our hands, but he was still small to us as the beastie we had before Bodhi, Bear, was 180# in his prime. So Bodhi is still small potatoes compared to Bear, but....

Bodhi Weigh In

Today Bodhi went to the vet as we decided to get him neutered. We are not going to show him and felt it was the best for health and longevity. Plus the poor fella had to sit sideways his beans were so big so now at least he can sit normal {grin}! Anyhoo, hubby called me, Bodhi is out of surgery already and recovering AOK. He weighs 81# {WHAT?} that's what I said! Still 100# shy of Bear Bear but that's quite sizeable for a BOXER dog!

Bodhi is the BEST!

I've experienced many breeds of dogs, but I must admit Boxers are something special. The personality is warm, loving, affectionate yet Boxers are total CLOWNS! They talk, they box, they rough house, they romp. Bodhi is my best fur friend and I must admit it is quite lonely around here today without him!

Boxer Huggs,

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

{{Have you Hugged YOUR Boxer today?}}

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