Astrid the Boxer Dog

Update: Astrid crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 3, 2016

In 2007, About a year after rescuing Bodhi the Boxer from a backyard breeder, we adopted Astrid from a Boxer rescue.  I looked up Boxer Rescues on the internet and found Boxers and Buddies located in Reno, Nevada.  

Astrid was a pregnant stray found wandering the streets with a Pitbull in San Jose, California.  The animal shelter took her in, and after she had her puppy, she was on the 'kill list'.  The shelter contacted Boxers and Buddies who drove down there to save her.

When I found the Boxers and Buddies website, the site had pictures posted of all the available rescues and I came across this adorable little face, looking so sweet and loving - we just had to meet her!

So we went down to Boxers and Buddies to meet Astrid, we liked her so much we went home, got Bodhi, and brought him down to meet her.

First they introduced Bodhi to Allie, another Boxer they thought we might like.  Allie came out and was very aloof, she did not give Bodhi the time of day...

So they brought out Astrid, instant connection, they were leaping, bounding and playing in an instant!   She was the ONE!

We did all the paperwork, went through the process and within a week Astrid was in her new home with us!

Please, if you are looking for a Boxer for a new family member, rescue!  Rescue dogs are so loving and grateful, they KNOW you saved them!  

Stop supporting backyard breeders and the irresponsible people on craigslist selling dogs.  Adopt a rescue, it's the right thing to do - trust me, I know!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?

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