Time flies!!!!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Wow, nearly 2 months...

...since I've posted! Bodhi will soon be 6 months old, it is simply amazing! He now stands about 25.5" at the shoulder and is nearly 60#. A very handsome beastie that's for sure!

I'll be back soon, just wanted to pop in to give you all a Boxer Hugg!

~Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

New Pics! 15-16 wks

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Finally some new pics up, our dang digital camara needs to be replaced.
Hey Santa (wink wink)

Above - Favorite evening snuggle spot!
This blankie is on our bed, and on the couch when it's cold and we snuggle watching
TV. He LOVES it!

Above - Enjoying his yard!
Taking a break from one of his turbo runs around the yard - crazy 8 around
the bench behind him to the far corner around the juniper and back all at mach 3!

Above - Head warmer OR couch hog?
He was on the upper pillows of the couch and ON my husband's head!

Above - Bodhi in one of his sun spots.

Our kitchen has 4 high windows that get morning sun and shine little squares on the floor. He likes to follow the sun squares and bathe in the warm!

Bodhi is my buddy, my snuggly, my favorite furr person!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger



Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi is Prince Charming

Everyone just loves him! So handsome and polite, and BIG! He went yesterday and got his last vaccination, rabies - 36.5#. All the ladies at the office just oooohed and ahhhhhed at his ever striking handsomness!

Favorite Treat

Bodhi LOVES crushed ice! Whenever I go to the fridge to get some ice in a glass he comes a running at mach 3 thru the house to make sure he gets his little ice chips. He will actually beg for them, whining with those big brown eyes!

Nappin' Spots

He loves the couch for his morning nap. In the afternoon he lounges in the sun in my office. In the evening he's back on the couch where the action is. At night he's on our bed!

Owning the Bed...

...Bodhi started out at the foot of the bed. As the nights have gotten cooler he's been scooting up higher between us where it's extra warm. The other morning I wake up with his head ON my pillow and somehow he wriggled under the covers! Spoiled BOY for SURE!


He LOVES to go on walks, very curious. He listens to everything. So very calm and polite. Such a gentelman!

Car Rides

He LOVES LOVES LOVES to go in the car! You ask him 'wanna go on a car ride' and he is jazzed!


He learned sit a LONG time ago, which he can now do with a non-verbal hand command. He will shake and shake and shake, he loves it! He also knows 'down'. He is really good and does not jump on people, but he sometimes puts his feet up on things 'looking' for things to steal - LOL he is quite the little clepto.

Dryer Sheets

He has a fascination with dryer sheets, I have to repo them all the time before he eats them!


Chase is still his favorite by far! He can run like there is no tomorrow! He also enjoys fetching as well. Our daughter plays hide and seek with him too!

We call him our son...

LOL and he is our daughter's 'brother'. She just cracks up at that!

Sassy Boy

He talks back! Sometimes when he dissagrees with something, he lets us know with a growl-y whine-y adorable sound! I tell him 'hey, no sassing Mommy!'

A Joy to my heart...

He keeps me company and is a devoted companion. A blessing in my life!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you Hugged YOUR boxer today?


Bodhi and Shadow - a tale of 2 furr balls!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

This picture was taken when Bodhi was about 10 weeks, at that time he was still smaller than the cats - not any more!

The cats 'tolerate' the dog!

Basically the cats have Bodhi right where they want him. He walks up to them, they hiss, and he walks away. Of course he has to 'tell' them about it first with his Boxer voice of a cute grumbly whine rolling off his tongue.

Sometimes the cats make a mistake...

Occasionally they run - and when the do - it's on! He simply cannot resist chasing a fast moving blurr of kitty! Cleo goes to her corner of the closet, of which the door Bodhi will not pass... Shadow goes under the bed, and Bodhi follows right along talking to her the whole time! Each time she growls, he lets her know he can hear her! Pita runs fast and jumps high, I don't know how many times the little sh** has ran and jumped on my desk taking the papers and everything in the wake half way across it.

I always tell them...

I say "Cats, if you would just SIT there and NOT run you'd have no problems! Sometimes they listen, sometimes I think they like the challenge. I SWEAR Shadow has lost some weight, which is good for her as you can see in the picture above she is quite 'hefty'.

Bobo LOVES cat food!

He is stealthy about it too - he some how does sneak attacks on the bowl when I think he's fast asleep. Then *BOOM* he has wiped out the whole bowl. I keep telling him his bark will turn to a meow if he's not careful!!! I really would PREFER he stick to dog food, so I put the bowl up where he can't get it - which unfortunately is where the 2 FAT cats can't get it either. So we settled and hid it in the closet, he has not sniffed it out - yet!

But everyone gets along...

Bodhi is learning 'no kitty' and that it means to back off! So I know all things furry will get along quite fine as he grows into those FEET!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have YOU hugged YOUR Boxer today??


How to catch a Boxer puppy...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Chase anyone?

Bodhi has discovered the 'chase' game, where WE are the ones doing the chasing! For instance the other day he got a hold of a receipt, and I wanted it back, so he got a twinkle in his eye and ran like the wind! So I chased him for fun, and evidently I 'taught' him this game. So for the past couple days he has been stealing and baiting for game of chase!

Catch a Boxer?

This morning at 8:40 my daugher and I were getting ready to drop her off at school. Each morning we put Bodhi in his crate just before we go. Well, today when I went to pick him up he ran, and ran, and ran! His stubbie waggin' as fast as it could go there was NO way he was getting in that crate without finishing a game of chase... 8:45, my daughter was panicking, she had 5 minutes til school started. Bodhi - still not ready - so we bribed him - would not work. I simply could not catch the dog, especially since he was 'playing' and I was 'catching'. SO I had to calm him down from his Tiggerish splendor and have him come to me, and we got him in the crate. I was ready for a 2nd breakfast after that one!

Lesson Learned...

I know NOT to play a game of chase before I need to put him in the crate! LOL

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you HUGGED your Boxer today? I have - LOTS!


More Adventures of Bodhi the Boxer!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

August 31st - Trip to the Vet

Bodhi got his follow up booster shots at the vet, all is AOK! He was barely 11 weeks at weighed 22.4 #! You should see his FEET, he's going to be one massive beastie! Even the Dr. said 'wow he's got some hocks!" Bodhi goes back the 21st for his next round of boosters and then he can meet the world and go on walks and such - yay!

Stuck in a Rut!

When we first brought Mr. Bodhi home we were cautious in the back yard because of this one spot where a little puppy could fall in between the fence and some retaining wall. Once he became a BIG puppy we did not think he could fit so it was not a concern. Well...last Friday I hear Bodhi yelpin, he NEVER yelps! I RUN to the backyard and don't see him anywhere! Then I see FEET flying in the air, he somehow fell upside down in that same rut we worried about when he was still small. Upside down, wedged - I was panicked! I was the only one home and I could not see a way to get him out. He was freaking, wriggling and going further down - literally stuck in a rut! I calmed him down and he trusted me, made me feel awesome! =)

His shoulders were blocking him in so I could not lift him out, so I ended up taking about 4-5 bricks out of the wall to get down to him. Beatles, worms and SPIDERS oh my - what we do for LOVE! This whole time I'm thinking, off to the vet, what if he's hurt, scrapes, broken bones, stress, stress, stress...Well the second I get the brick out down by his shoulder he POPS up and OUT and starts burning rubber all around the yard!

Needless to say I felt much better!

The door thingy...

The other day Bodhi found the thing behind the door that prevents the handle from denting the wall. He was in our room and I kept hearing 'spronggggggggggggggg.... spronggggggggggggggggggg... spronggggggggggggggggggggggggg.....' he was pawing it having a good ol' time! I have pictures, just can't get them here (argh!)

Mr. Tough Boy

Not scared of the vaccum, not scared of the lawnmower - yet will have oodles of fun barking at something like my daughter's doll stroller!

LOVES the hose!

When I'm watering the garden he sits by me and paws the air until I let him drink from the hose! I have one of those nozzles with many sprayers so we play and I think he is trying to literally stop the water flow by biting the water! It just cracks me up!

No more couch safety!

He can officially make it up on the couch!

Has mastered 'sit'!

Via verbal and hand command! That's my smart baby!

Walks on leash

We practice in the yard and he does really well! He LOVES car rides so I'll say 'wanna go on a car ride?' and he runs to the door, and sits waiting for his leash!


He is MUCH more interested in the small furries around here! If they sit and growl he'll talk to them in his cute growly voice, like he's saying "I only wanna play". BUT if the cat makes the mistake of running, the chase is on! So if the cats wise up and sit in one spot, he won't but them! I do have a picture of Bodhi sitting next to Shadow, quite impressive!

Now he is waking up the kiddo!

I better go save her! More soon!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


10 week picture / Stubborn Puppy / Play Date with the furr cousins

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi is 10 weeks old today, he LOVES the lawn out back!

I found it!

The missing cord to the digital camara was of course in one of the last boxes I had to unpack for my office - so I'm back in photo land - YAY!

Stubborn lil Fella...

We took Bodhi to my sis-in-law's tonite, we caught him mid-pee and I took him outside. He did NOT finish. I KNEW he had to go - but my sis-in-law does not have a lawn and I think our pampered pooch prefers padded potty areas!

He went on strike...

He would NOT go. We were outside for at least 20 minutes and he just looked at me. Dinner was ready and everyone kept saying 'he must be done' and I told them he was holding out. Well they convinced me to bring him in and not 60 seconds later he 'finished'...Little weenie! I KNOW him and how his little brain works LOL Now I know for sure, I'm winning that one next time!

Romping with his fur cousin...

He had a ball playing with his fur cousin, Bearly. She just LOVES him! Bearly will be 10 this year and boy does Bodhi bring out the puppy in her. They are both sure to have a GREAT night's sleep tonite! She's a Boxer/German Shorthair/Lab Mix, a real cutie! I'll try to get a pic next play date! Next to her we can really see how much he's grown in the past 2 weeks - WOW!

Pierre the Chihuahua... NOT so fond of Bodhi! My mom-in-law has a long haired chi, some refer to him as the spawn of satan... (lol) We all swear he has a second set of teeth like that alien in the movie Alien! He is a darling little thing, when he wants to be! He tried to eat Bodhi tonite! Bodhi was submissive, rolled on his back and wanted to play, but Dom Pierre wanted no part of it! He may be a little jealous of Bodhi playing with Bearly as Pierre is in LOVE with her though she is 50 # bigger than him, of course Bearly does not reciprocate in the love connection - like Pepe LePeu, the skunk who loves the cat! Not to mention Bodhi is already 2 times bigger than Pierre which may have caused the chi to be a little agressive too (well, a lot). We'll have to keep trying...

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Wrapping up week 2 with Mr. Bodhi!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Wow time is flying, Bodhi has to be twice as tall now, he's growing like a weed! His legs have sprouted and his feet are as BIG as his 11 year old lab 'cousin'!

Sidways to Straight

When Bodhi first came home he ran willy nilly sideways like a confused crab! Puppy feet flying everywhere! Now he can run, and run FAST! He actually made it onto the couch the other day while chasing my daughter - she thought she was safe (lol) and up he went after her to play!

Potty Training B+

He's doing pretty well! He's only had a few accidents all week, and they were not his fault at all! If the door is open, he goes right out!

Crate Training A+

He actually puts himself to bed around 10, just walks in and snuggles in all his blankies! The past few days he's been sleeping longer and longer - which is nice for me as I'm the one who answers mid-night potty calls! When he sleeps at least 5 hours, after he potties outside he gets to come snuggle with me and Daddy. He loves it of course! The cats however, do NOT!

Speaking of Cats
  • Pita, still hisses and hops high out of reach!
  • Cleo, the hidden cat, hisses from her corner of the closet and Bodhi wants NO part of it!
  • Shadow, the big beast, just stands or sits and stares at him - maybe glares - and hisses - he 'talks' to her all the time - she is not too receptive other than a hissy response.

We're in LOVE!

His wrinkles on his head just melt our hearts! His personality fits with the family perfect! Our daughter loves him, but gets really purturbed because he steals toys all the time!

Toys, toys - WHY buy toys?

Of course we got ropes and balls and chewy things, etc..etc... Have to spoil the new baby! But just like a baby loves the BOX a new toy comes in Bodhi loves the freebies...for instance, an empty 1 gallon water jug - he played with it til it was flat! An empty yogurt cup, STILL playing with it! An empty water bottle! All FREE and kept him entertained for hours!

Shorter Naps - for SURE!

He now is staying up from about 7 AM to 11 AM! BUSY BOY let me tell you!

Check back soon for the amazing stories (pictures coming soon!) of Bodhi!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


The Adventures of Bodhi begin!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Sorry no pictures, the digital camara is not working - new pics coming soon! I SWEAR he's grown bigger already!

Wild and Crazeee Puppy

Big feet, crazy legs and adoring brown eyes - he's quite a character! Developing his coordination is just too cute as he sprints across the floor chasing a ball or toy. Sometimes overshooting and stopping mid track, yet his body still in motion so he rolls and flips.

He LOVES the grass

One of his favorite times is when we play in the back yard, the lush green lawn is a fun place for him to romp and cause trouble! We have this bushy grassy plant with long waving grasses, he loves to run full speed into it and then 'hide' under the wisps dangling down. He has also found a patch of clover-like ground cover that must be nice and cool because he sinks down into it in puppy smiling bliss!

Rocks are NOT Kibbles!!!

For some reason he is enjoying chewing on rocks! We are nipping this one in the bud quick!

Windchimes, the enemy?

Inside the house we have some small windchimes as a plant stake in a plant. Several times he has walked up to the chime and bonked it with his nose - upon the return of a 'ting a ling a ling' he proceeds to tell the windchime off with an adorable backwards hop and a rumbly growl followed by quite an impressive bark. He has also told off a laundry basket, a shoe and his shadow among other things!

Cats - no big deal!

He still has not much interest in the cats, Pita and Shadow seem to 'tolerate' him. They don't run away, but they keep a watchful eye and send him a little hiss warning. He kind of whines like 'what did I do???' then bounds along on his way.

Puppy Teeth!

He is into rough playing and chasing with those needle like puppy teeth! We are teaching him 'no bite' and giving him a puppy toy each time he trys to gnaw on a body part or clothing!

Sleeping at Night

He has NO problem going to bed in his crate, he actually climbs in on his own now at 10 PM or so! Mon and Tues he woke up a couple times, Wed he slept until 5:45 YAY for ME! Then he got to come and snuggle us a bit after he pottied - that works for me!

Daytime Naps

He was snoozing on the couch or in his crate - now he comes and sleeps at my feet in my office! It's perfect because I see him as soon as he wakes up to take him out potty!

More to come soon!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today? I'm up about 100 snuggles for today!


Our Adventure to get Mr. Bodhi! AND his 1st day home...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Us with Bodhi at the breeder's in CA!

A loooooong adventure!

We left around 7:30 PM on Friday, August 12th. It was a nice ride, a long ride, a unique ride. Not sure if we were leaving Fri or Sat we were not fully prepared for what was ahead of us!


GPS is a wonderful thing, we plugged in the address and we were on our way. We did not get lost once! We passed through many great little towns, including the town of Bodie! We went through majestic mountains, passed lovely lakes, rushing rivers and so much more. On the way there we did not 'see' much as it was dark.

Motel 6(66)

We arrived at our destination around 1:30 AM, so we knew where to head back to - we kept on truckin' and headed toward Bakersfield to get a hotel. Ended up at Motel 6 and let's just say they did not 'leave the light on' for us. WHOA a creepy little part of town! We somehow caught a few winks around 3 AM or so and got up around 8 and headed out!


The views were GORGEOUS, just so beautiful! The Kern River is adorned by HUGE boulders, rushing water and quiet pools. Dotted with outrageous Oak Trees too. The landscape somewhat similar to here in Nevada - desertlike with an abundance of sage! Also very cool Joshua trees and some other unique plants we've not seen!

We knew we were at the right place...

When we saw a "Boxer Crossing" sign on the front gate! We went in and were greeted by bountiful, well behaved boxers and their people! Very well behaved, no jumping, barking or anything! Just happy butts wagging, kisses and waiting in line to be the next one for some lovies!

Mom and Dad

Bogart was HUGE! A Massive walking muscle meat head, just too cute! Korri Mama a gorgeous petite thing - both SO very loving! Then Bodhi, handsome and snuggly! He played with his sister Lil Bit for awhile and we chatted with the breeder's for about an hour or so - then we headed home for the long ride with our baby.

The ride

Bodhi slept on his new bed with his blankie the whole way! We stopped for potty breaks and he did GREAT! We're pleaed he travels well! Of course whenever we stopped we met Boxer lovers! He had some foodies, water was quite a happy camper the whole way!

The First Night Home

No potty accidents on my shift! He went potty outside, investigated the new home, took a short nap with daddy, got up to play a bit, went potty then I tucked him into his crate. He cried only 2 minutes or less and went to bed around 11:30 PM. He slept until 6 AM on the dot! Great 1st night! I went and took him potty and he did perfect!

The First Day Home

Only one accident in our house! Our daughter was in charge and did not know the 'signs' but only a pee pee! (thank goodness for shampooers!!!) I can easily tell when he needs to go and two times so far he as aked to go out by sitting by the sliding glass door. That's our smart baby! He likes to play, nap, play, nap, nap, play, play, nap! Not too much interest in the cats, which the cats don't mind one bit! The breeder had kitties which I'm sure is a huge factor!

His Voice

The cutest little growl bark you ever heard! He's tough when it comes to non-moving objects as they of course are trying to get him and he has to set them straight! Sounds like he'll be a talker like our Bear with his Chewbaca impressions!

The Second Night

He went right to sleep in his bed not one peep! I went to bed around 11:30 PM and was snoozing! I heard Bodhi talking and I thought it was 6 AM already, nope 12:30 AM! He had to pee so I took him and and he did! I snuggled him, he got drowsy and I told him to go to his room and he went right in his crate! I went to bed, fell asleep and later heard Bodhi. I thought it was 6 AM, nope 2:30 - whew I was tired! (flashbacks to when my daughter was a newborn...) He did not have to pee, I think he just wanted some reassurance that he was not alone as I snuggled him for a few then he got in his bed on his own! So 5:30 rolled around he was calling again, we went potty, ate some kibble, went potty again, played a bit -then we laid down on the couch for a bit til about 7. Got up, played, pee'd, etc... Romped with Daddy a bit before work then...

he Zonked out...

...on the couch! I peeked on him and all 4 were in the air -comfy for SURE! About 20 minutes later I heard a 'thud' and walked out to see a dazed Bodhi. I think he rolled off, he looked awfully embarassed!

On with our day!

So I'm trying to get work done, trying is the magic word! LOL Busy puppy, the kiddo is still not sure how to handle the boisterous puppy who seems to LOVE stealing things from her room! She's getting a little peeved, she does not get that her things are SO much more fun to steal (especially if he senses that it annoys her!)

So far So Good!

We're all in love with our new fur baby and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

Alethea Anderson
The Bella Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today? I have, a zillion times!!!


Bodhi - almost home!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi, don't you wanna kiss those wrinkles???

The Count Down Is ON!

T minus 48 hours or LESS! We will be bring home Bodhi on Saturday, August 12th. It is a 342 mile drive that will take about 6 hours or so - each direction. What we do for love!

We are prepared!

We decided on a crate, we got a MONSTER 45" crate. Plenty of room and in mint condition. Funny Story: I had been pricing crates and the size we needed was around $190+tax or so. So I posted on my favorite free classifieds site called craigslist. I put a wanted ad under 'pets' that I was looking for a 42" crate. I had lots of responses and pictures, but one person stood out because was in the same city as me and was offering a crate for $50 - WOW! So we chatted, she sent a picture of her husband AND 2 dogs in the crate (big enough for sure) and I joked and asked if I could put MY husband in the crate too...(LOL) Soooo long story short, she lives on the same street as me! So we got the crate which was a smidge bigger than 42" for only $50 - a GREAT deal! Nice gal, I hope we keep in touch!!! So if you need a crate for Boxer, check out, they are Nationwide!

We also have...
  • A blankie for Bodhi, it's blue with sports balls on it. We've all slept with it to cover it with our scent and we'll let him sleep with it. Maybe it will help him realize he's one of our 'pack' now.
  • Some puppy safe toys.

We're getting today...

  • A bed for the crate
  • A food and water bowl
  • A collar tag
  • A bag of foodies
  • Licensing Info.
  • Pet Insurance Info.

Sooo Excited!!!!!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today? I will be in less than 48 hours!!!


They are lovers, not fighters - why are so many boxers abandoned...?

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi just being cute at the Breeder's! 5 more days til he comes home!

Boxers are an often abandoned breed...Why? Greed, misunderstanding and ignorance...

GREED: Irresponsible boxer breeders...

There are some boxer breeders who breed for money - and they don't care 'who' gets the puppies. ALL boxer breeders should interview the potential puppy parents to make sure they are educated on the breed, can provide the home the breed needs and are prepared to handle a boisterous boxer! Many who get the dog unprepared - simply think boxers are 'too much' and dump them as mere puppies under a year...

MISUNDERSTANDING: Boxers are purchased as guard dogs...

Some get a boxer assuming he will be a guard dog, to protect valuables, etc... Now don't get me wrong, a boxer will guard you with his life if need be, but he does this naturally. Boxers can not easily be 'trained' to be attack dogs. When people find this out - they often abuse them or abandon them because boxers don't have the agressive mentality the dog owner was seeking.

IGNORANCE: Boxers are too much to handle...

Often people don't do their research before they get a boxer puppy. They may simply like the look of a boxer. Someone they know may have a boxer and they want one too. Some may be caught up in the cutness of a boxer puppy. What they don't know is that boxers are HIGHLY active dogs, they don't grow out of 'puppy'. They mature, but they will always play, play, PLAY! They need attention, companionship, mental stimulation and will truly be your best friend! Boxers are also indoor dogs, not dogs to be left in a yard or dog run all day. Boxers are dogs for a high energy family ready to play and take him on walks. They are not couch potato dogs who will sleep all day!

If YOU are considering a Boxer...

Please, please, PLEASE read up on the subject BEFORE you make your decision! A GREAT book is Boxers For Dummies! It is for those considering a boxer or those who already have boxers. The book is basically boxers A to Z about what to expect with their playful personality, medical issues, training, etc...etc... It gives you a clear image of who a boxer is even before you have one at home. The book truly can convince someone OUT of a boxer, or someone that is sure they want a boxer, it will cement what you already know about the breed.

Don't forget the web!

Research the internet for information on boxer dogs! There are tons of FREE articles on the breed. Educate your self as much as possible. My husband and I have wanted a boxer for years, and when we were ready I STILL researched for months before we even chose a breeder. We are prepared for a furry bundle of energy, we are financially ready for a new puppy, we KNOW what to expect for a boxer!

Don't be a stasticic...

Pleasea don't get a boxer, then abandon him...It breaks their spirit, it breaks their heart...Just know for SURE if you REALLY want a boxer and if you are PREPARED to be a boxer parent...

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


To crate, or not to crate - that is the question...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi peeking in on mama in her mama it was a welcome break from her 8 puppies!!!


Oh what a controversy around here! The sister in law says it's 'mean' the husband says "we never had a crate for our other 2 dogs..."

What they don't realize...

I've been researching crating for months! I too, was one of those people thinking 'that is so MEAN to put them in a 'cage'!" Research shows when used right, it's a 'den' not a 'cage'...

Thinking back 10 years...

We got a Mastiff mix in 1995 we named Bear. At 8 weeks he was 17#, 12 weeks 35#, 16 weeks 60# - basically Clifford the BIG red dog! He topped out at 180# in his prime, what a beast and such a pleasure as a mature adult dog. BUT - he was very hard to potty train, and a 4 mo old puppy that weights 60# doing a dookey on your living room carpet is a bit HUGE for lack of a better word...However he was potty trained shortly after... BUT - when he was 6 months old we decided he could hold his potty all day long as he had been doing AOK. So we decided to put up a baby gate and keep him in the living room while we were at work. He did GREAT, he did not go potty at all! HOWEVER, he ate our couch! Now not a little bit. Not a just a cushion or 2. He literally ate the ENTIRE couch down to the wooden frame. It looked like a winter wonderland, foam and fluff everywhere. I have got to admit he had a BALL doing it! LOL How could we be mad, he was alone for 8 hours! (he also got into a closet and bypassed all the 'cheap' shoes at at the $190 italian leather ones...) Good taste I suppose (ack!)

Goes to show you...

They CAN 'eat' you out of house and home as well as potty on the way!

My husband's side...

I work full time from home now, so he says Bodhi should be easier to train - and not lonely. I agree, I will have tons of time to play, wrestle and train the new baby! ((I'm SOOO excited!!! Just one more week! This time next Saturday I'll be holding him!))

My side...

What about when we go to the store? What about when we are gone a few hours?

His side...

We'll put up a gate and leave him in the kitchen...

My side..

He is pure muscle, will be 15# at 8 weeks - and from what I remember - puppies are quite the little escape artists...

My research...

I have been reading forum after forum, article after article about crating. When used correctly it is a valuable item that the dog considers his 'den'. By nature, dogs like a cozy little place to curl up and take a nap. A place they feel secure, a place that is their's for their bed, their toys, etc...

Why crating is good for puppies...

Puppies naturally don't want to go potty where they sleep, so they will hold out longer instead of just letting loose. So when used correctly, crating then taking on potty break eases the potty training period shortening it!

Why else...

Puppy won't eat your couch! LOL


What about traveling? Going to a family members, friend's, etc... You can bring the 'den' with you. It's his home away from home! Don't you wish you could bring your own bed with YOU when you travel???

So what did we decide?

The jury is out! The crate would be used very infrequently since I work at home. He will sleep in our bed once he's trained. So maybe it will be a short time thing... My biggest desire for the crate is when we leave for several hours at a time. What oh what could a puppy do in a few hours alone in a 1600 square foot house? That is my concern! I really don't want to buy a new couch yet!

The debate goes on...

Around here we're still in debate mode on the crate, I'll let you know what we decide!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Bodhi will come home with...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

One Week and One Day...

  • Til we get our new furr baby! The breeder sent us this list:
  • Registration papers
    Vaccination records
    Photocopy of pedigrees
    Purchase Contract
    Spay/neuter Contract (for those who take this option, offered at p/u only)
    Assorted treats
    Veterinary leash (slip style)
    Small amount of dog food (approx. 2#)
    Feeding/sleeping schedule
    Diet sheet

Time has flown so quickly, I simply can't believe he's almost here! We'll drive to Southern Ca next weekend 8/12/06 to pick him up!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer BLogger


How to choose the best dog food for your Boxer

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi at the Breeders enjoying some Scooby Snax!

Choosing food for your Boxer?

This can be a hard decision, many of us 'think' we know the brands that are best for our favorite fido - but what are the 'facts'?

It's Different Dog to Dog

All dogs are different, so what may work for one, won't work for another. As a dog owner, it is our responsibility to read labels and buy the dog food that we feel comfortable feeding our dogs.

The First 5

For the best nutrition, look at the fisrt 5 ingredients on the label. The ingredients in dog food are required to be listed in order of weight, so the first ingredient on the list is the one with the greatest volume in the food. Ingredient #1 should be a meat source, run away from a food that has corn, or any sort of grain or byproduct in as the first ingredient. Be wary of labels that contain unidentified “meat” and never a "by-product". Note also that since the list runs in order of weight, it is better to see “chicken meal” than “chicken” at the top of the list. “Chicken” includes a high degree of water content, “chicken meal” does not, it is weighed after the water was taken out. For example, “chicken” may be listed first, but after cooking and the water is removed, it may actually be the fourth or fifth ingredient, not necessarily the first as suggested.


Do not forget to look at the preservatives used. Some are carcinogenic (cancerous). Some common cacinogenic preservatives are: BHT, ethoxyquin, BHA and propylene glycol (a less toxic form of anti-freeze). Citric acid as a preservative can also be problematic as it dramatically increases the risk of bloat if the food is moistened before feeding.

Good Stuff

Look for food using tocopherols, ascorbic acid (Vitamin E) or anti-oxidants such as rosemary extract. Better yet, purchase a food that doesn’t contain preservatives at all (there are a few).


Dogs are meat eaters, bred from wolves. Wolves don't hunt grain and corn - they hunt meat! So really, really pay attention to labels. Would YOU eat the food? It should not be good enough for your dog if it's not good enough for you - pets are people too!

Helpful Links
Human Grade Dog Food
Dog Treat Recipe Sites
Treats submitted by Coldnose on an online forum
Store Sites
Analyze the food you are currently feeding fido
Want to make your own food, try the raw diet
Much of the info provided in this post was gathered from numerous posts at an online Boxer Forum, if you have a Boxer stop by and 'sit' a spell! (thank you to those who made the helpful posts, let's get the word out!)

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Boxer 'treats' - human food - the good, the bad and the ugly...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi Baby!

The Picture to the left is Bodhi with one of his house mate's at the breeder's home. He is growing healthy, strong and handsome!

Online Chat

The breeder had an open forum last night for the new Boxer parents to meet with her and ask questions. I of course was there with bells on. One of our topics was 'human foodies' for dogs.

So what kind of people food is 'ok' for Boxers?

I know, I know it is so hard to resist puppy dog eyes looking at you while eating that huge hamburger. You are tempted to offer that last bite to your canine in waiting - but is it really 'good' for your dog? (considering you have tomato, lettuce, onion, bun and toppings...)

While you may be tempted to give your pet the leftovers each night, take a moment to research what's good - or bad - for your favorite fido! You could be causing uncomfortable gas or pain not knowing a certain food is hurting your puppy pal - in circumstances, death...

Great People Food Treats:
  • Bones - RAW, uncooked in any way bones from the butcher. Not too many as they are high in calcium and can cause constipation.
  • Chicken - boneless, boiled (cut in cubes, keep in fridge, use as dog treats!)
  • Eggs - scrambled (never raw)
  • Liver - boiled (cut in cubes, keep in fridge) ((Very, VERY small amounts))
  • Potatoes - Mashed or Chopped, never raw

Okay People Food Treats:

  • Gold Fish Crackers
  • Low Sodium Crackers
  • Pasta - cooked, no sauce

NO-NO People Foodies:

  • Alcohol - can get them 'drunk' and kill them.
  • Baby Food - may contain onion powder which could poison them.
  • Bones - (cooked, bad! RAW okay)
  • Bread/Bread Dough - can rise in stomach and cause pain and discomfort.
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate - toxic % to dog's weight.
  • Fruit (Apples, Apricot, Avocado, Cherries, Grapes, Peaches, Pears, Plums) The seeds and pits can actually be toxic to dogs so it is best to avoid them.
  • Nuts - most sorts simply avoid - especially Macadamia
  • Pork
  • Red Meats
  • Rich Fatty Foods - bacon, deep fried anything, sausage, turkey skin
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Vegetables (Broccoi, Corn, Corn Cobs, Mushrooms, Onions, Potatoes (raw), Tomatoes
Here is a reference as to 'why' some of the above foods are bad.

Dog Treats from the Store?!

Well, Yes and No. The are more like 'candy' kind of doggy junk food. IMO why pay for dog candy when you could boil up a chicken breast, chunk it, and give it as treats? It's cheaper AND healthier!

Is Rawhide Good or Bad?

NO, no, NOOO! Rawhide bones can be costly to the pet owner, and dangerous to the dog. I know you probably are saying - "I've given them to my dog for YEARS"... or "why would they sell them if they were dangerous"... There just so happens to be lots of PEOPLE food they sell that is not safe - but we're talking dogs!

What IS Rawhide?

It's, raw hide, from a slaugher house. Kind of like a leather. In most cases it is soaked in chemicals so the hair falls of. Then they bleach the hide to 'sanitize' it. After the processes just mentioned (they take several days) they then 'smoke' the leather to make it oh so tastey. This shrinks the hide about 50%, which is why when your pet is chewing it it GROWS. This can happen inside your dog's stomach causing severe upset, even death.

Do this test...

Take a rawhide and put it in a bowl of water over night - see how much it grows. (that could be IN your dog's stomach you know) Take this fact plus the above info to see if you still want to feed it to your dogs. IMO if YOU won't eat it, don't give it to your dogs... (this also includes hooves, ears, etc...)

Here's a story about a dog who go sick on rawhide.

Choosing a brand of dog food...

We'll do this as another topic on a future date!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Diary of a Boxer Breeder!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi just being cute!

Looks like Bodhi is ready to pounce and play followed by a nice bit stretccccccccccccccch! He turned 1 month old this past Saturday - 4 weeks went by THAT fast - WOW! The countdown has begun, we get to get him in 4 more weeks! (LOL I've actually been counting down since the day he was born!)

We got a Puppy Diary today about Bodhi and his 7 littermates:
  • Puppy #1- Bodhi - doing great! Shows good companion dog traits. Learning about the big world outside.
  • Puppy #2- healthy appetite. Romps and plays well with puppies and people. Does well when alone too.
  • Puppy #3- Nani- such a doll. Alpha female of the litter.
  • Puppy #4- Phoebe- "did anyone say food?"
  • Puppy #5- Dutch- very laid-back easy going. Will be good group or alone.
  • Puppy #6- Adonis- Alpha male. Listens well.
  • Puppy #7 - very sociable. Can be put in different groups adapts well.
  • Puppy #8 - She is so sweet and loves to be held. Will be an A+ companion dog.

Alethea Anderson
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A day in the life of a puppy...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

It's a puppy's life...

Eat - Sleep - Play. Not necessarily in that order!

Don't forget romp, tackle the litter mates, practice little voices, harass the mama.

The hardest part of all? Being ever so cute!!!

Whew that's a lot of work, let's do it again tomorrow!

Alethea Anderson
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What is 'stacking' a dog or dog stacking?

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Stacking Stance

Stacking is the 'form' a dog takes when in the show ring presenting to a judge during a dog show. Head up, tail up, chest out, feet spaced - elegant and showing the true form of the dog.

Bodhi's Example

The breeder wrote today that last night she set him in stacking stance and took a picture, look how good our baby did!

Training your Boxer to 'Stack'

This usually starts with the breeder, who will put puppy in the stacking stance and reward him with a small bit of food and lots of praise! Reinforcing a good stack with verbal praise makes puppy know he did something good! Making it fun and rewarding for puppy, makes puppy want to do it again and again. (not to mention the puppy snack!)

Your Dog Does Not Have to Be a Show Dog to Stack

You may ask, 'well I don't plan on showing my boxer, why would I want him to stack'? Well, we're not sure we'll have Bodhi be a show dog... However I think that the command 'Stack!' and having him pose in stacking position would be handy in some instances.

Ways you can use 'Stack'!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want to take a picture!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want your dog to stand at attention!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want your dog to 'freeze' in one spot!

Use your creativity and have fun with stacking, you can train your dog to utilize the command like heel, sit, stay, STACK!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Meet Bogart and Korri, Bodhi's furr parents!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!
Meet Bodhi's furr parents...
Above is Korri, Bodhi's AKC furr Mommy!

Above is Bogart, Bodhi's AKC furr Daddy!

Beautiful Mama and Handsome Daddy = Perfect Bodhi!

We are very excited to pick up Bodhi in August, my daughter and I
have picked out a baby boy blankie for him. It is blue with sports balls
on it - lol - we could not resist! We also got some great chew and play
toys too.

The count down - 1 month and 2 days til Bodhi comes to his new home!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Puppies and Progress

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Note from the Breeder: (she said it so well I just copied and pasted! LOL)

" Hi Everyone!

Just a few quick notes for everyone. All the puppies are doing great! Thy are growing so quickly now that the "baby" bands had to be changed 2x a week so for now their identifying collars are "kitty collars" bell less I might add lol.

They have been introduced to soft foods this week to get them a greater variety of diet. Not that "mommy's milk" isn't doing the job but after almost 3 weeks she needs a break from the "chow line" now and then.

Of course, it has become obvious who the "boys" are they are starting to get a little heavier than the "girls", but those girls can hold their own when it comes to getting some dinner.

Their first de-worming will be Sunday to insure no problems, this is standard procedure. As well as, @ 6 weeks and 8 weeks. Also their first vaccination will be @ 8 weeks. For those who do not have their own vet now is the time to "shop" around and find one you like. They will need a vaccination @ 12 weeks and again @ 16 weeks, followed up by a rabies @ 4-6 months.

Food, very important, they will go home on a diet of Nutro Max, this food can be found at Petco or Petsmart. If you do not have one of these stores in your area you may need to check your local pet/feed store to see if they also might have it. A 35# bag runs $25.99 but sometimes lower at the bigger stores. If you intend to change food be aware that if you do not gradually change their food over several weeks you could be headed for many sleep weary nights of taking puppy "potty" from upset tummy if switched right off to another food."

Have a Blessed Boxer Day!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


New collar for Bodhi!

Welcome Boxer Lovers!

New Collar for Bodhi! He's growing fast, that is a full grown cat collar!!!

Bodhi 2.5 Weeks
It's amazing how quickly he's growing, you can tell by viewing the first pictures in the blog to the pictures today. He's a healthy growing baby boy who will probably be around 15# when we get him in August!
Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Peeking Puppy!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi's eyes are open, he's peeking upon our world and soon will be romping and exploring everyting he can get his paws on!

How exciting it must be for a puppy - born sightless and to total quiet - to all of a sudden see shades and shapes - and hear the sounds of his littermates and mama!

He soon will get used to the sounds a 'house' makes! Garbage disposal, vacuum, washer/dryer, etc. All part of getting ready to come home with us in August.

Watch our world, here he comes!

Alethea Anderson

The Boxer Blogger


By George, I think we've named him!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Orgin of the Name...

Our little furr baby has a name, started as Bodie then became Bodey ended up as Bodhi! We orginally grabbed the name from a small historic 'ghost town' up here that one of our family members actually was born and raised at - she now resides in Northern California as there are no residents of the town any longer (hence the 'ghost town part' LOL). The town was orginally spelled Bodey then changed to Bodie by a sign maker, here's the story if you are interested!

I just HAD to know...

A a unique name and out of my curiosity (always curious) I wanted to know if Bodie/Bodey had a meaning. It turns out Bodey is another term for 'body', not too interesting... The word Bodie is a Scottish name meaning 'coin worth 2 cent' often named to collies, sheepdogs and terriers back in the early 1900's. Also known for the town I mentioned above.

Fun Fact: The dog in the Movie 'Steel Magnolias' was named Bodie!

Why I chose the spelling "Bodhi"

Bodhi is a word in a Zen dictionary meaning...

"Wisdom, in the sense of enlightenment. It is not accumulated knowledge, is not attainment, is not something found, but is realization of the essential truth."

That sounds very 'Zen' to me as I am constantly on the path of self elightment! Not to mention from my research, Boxers are extremely wise and intelligent dogs, that learn quickly and use their wisdom in day to day life!

Maybe this means he'll just know what to do? LOL I'll just put the energy out there that he'll be a wonderful companion!

We are so very excited!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Puppy is one week old!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Our furr baby is one week old today, wow he looks so wonderful! His little nose is starting to get black and look at those kissable wrinkles on his forehead - DARLING!

We 'think', just think we may have a name for him! Possibly 'Bodie' (pronounced beau-dee). It is a small town up here that just so happens to have a nice ring to it.

We will hopefully have the name picked out by this weekend as his little ears will be opening to the world of sound first and it will be such a joy to have him know his name when we come to pick him up!

The breeder says we can come August 12th to get our precious, this is a week before my daughter's 8th birthday and a few days before my Mom comes to visit from NM! How FUN!

My daughter is sooo excited and wants to get him fun baby puppy things. I just found a new shop in Reno that caters to all things for pets, a unique furr boutique - PLUS I found a dog Barkery in Carson City. Oh our little one will be so pampered!

Alethea Anderson
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Phases of new puppy growth and development...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Here's our new precious furr baby on his 5th day in this world! He is growing by the moment, yet still totally helpless and totally dependent on mommy.

The second puppies are born they are almost totally dependent, they cannot see nor hear and have very limited mobility. They cannot even control their body temperature. They also cannot go potty without stimulation from mommy.

At Birth puppies:
  • have a good sense of smell
  • have sensation of feeling
  • have the ability to taste
  • have the ablilty to cry
New Puppy Facts:
  • Puppies will double their birth weight in the first week
  • Puppies cannot walk yet and will 'wriggle' their way to mommy for milk
  • Puppies will cry if they are hungry, hot or cold
  • Puppies will eat every 2 hours and sleep in between snuggling with littermates for warmth
About Puppy's new Body 0-14 Days
  • Eyes are not fully developed and fused shut at birth
  • Eyes will open at about 12 days and will be blue
  • They will have limited vision of shadows and light
  • Ear canals are sealed up and puppy can't hear
  • Ears begin to open around 10 days and puppy will hear well by the time eyes open
15-21 Days
  • Still dependent on mommy yet starting to notice siblings
  • Has more mobility yet still cannot 'walk'
  • Will start being able to potty on their own
  • Pups will struggle to balance while standing
  • Will start to play with litter mates in an un-coordinated way!
  • Around 19 days pups are bossing momma around!
3-6 Weeks
  • A time of increased independence and less reliance on mommy
  • Pups start developing social skills
  • Gain control of body temperature (around 100 degrees)
  • Pups start going potty on their own
  • Hearing is accurate and pups can start learning some basic commands and name
  • Puppies sleep less and play more with increased mobility
  • Character and personality shine through and should be encouraged with play things
  • Time to expose puppies to household sounds, phone, vacuum, garbage disposal, etc..
  • Grooming and discouragement of play biting with humans
  • May start eating puppy food
7-16 Weeks
  • Pups learn to be members of the 'pack'
  • Around 8 weeks pups start to go to new homes as they are fully developed
  • At 8 weeks they are receptive to experience and tolerate change better than other age
  • Potty training can be started
  • Time to show puppy the WORLD!
  • Good time to start puppy socialization classes
  • Pups must still sleep a lot, and gentle play - no stairs, long walks, jumping or rough play
Recommended Reading

I got the book "Boxers for Dummies" (I swear they have those yellow 'dummy' books for EVERYTHING you can think of!) If you are a Boxer Lover you already know about Boxers and their curious personalities! If you are considering a Boxer read this book first! Boxers require a LOT of people time are not dogs to be left home alone for long periods of time, especially as a puppy. If you want a Boxer yet are not home often, I encourage you to try a Boxer rescue and get an older Boxer who already went through the puppy growth phases.

Boxer puppies are very intelligent and need constant direction and stimulation to be the best they can be. The love learning, playing and most of all being part of your 'pack'. They want to please you and love you and will be your very best friend.

We are so excited to get our baby in August, we are not calling him our 'pet' he is a new member of the family aka 'pack'.

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Pink nose on new Boxer puppy!!??

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Our puppy has a PINK nose!

The fact is, nearly all Boxers are born with pink noses and lips (bottoms of feet too)! The reason for this is that pigment cells continue to migrate thru the puppy's body after birth, as the puppy ages the pink areas fill in with black. Most puppies noses are filled in by the time they go to their new homes! There is the instance that on some very flashy pups, (flashy = a higher % of white on the body) it can take longer - even up to a year or so!

What is a "Snow Nose"?

Some older dogs will experience something called 'snow nose' or 'winter nose' where the dog's nose will turn pink in the middle during the winter months. Rest assured, this is usually due to the lack of sunshine outside and is generally a temporary condition! Ask your vet for some suggestions on helping the condition.

Better to be SAFE!

If your dog does experience a lightening of the nose, just for your dog's health sake do check with a vet. There is a condition called Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH), or Harada's syndrome that it is caused by an immune system disorder that damages the eyes and the pigment in the skin. It can turn any part of your dog's body white, and without treatment, it can lead to blindness. Vets often prescribe steroids to pets with this condition, which help keep the immune system from going out of control.

Know your Boxer!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


3.5 Days Old!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Here is a new photo of the furr baby who still remains nameless. We are currently considering:


I'm sure choices will change in the next 2 minutes again I'm sure! LOL Why oh WHY is this such a hard decision! My daugher is stuck on REX and the name is actually starting to grow on me now. I did a web search on 'Rex the Boxer', 'Zeus the Boxer' etc..etc... and really it seems ALL dog names are 'common' dog names. The name Carson came about as we are near Carson City and Zeus is just a regal sounding name befitting of a dog such as a Boxer!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Puppy is a PORKER!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

He's not missing any meals...

Our breeder wrote today with a puppy update, our little darling is not missing any meals (LOL) and pudging out just perfectly! She says the furr babies know how to make themselves 'heard'!

We also got a list of items to start collecting:
  • Crate for adult size male 40-42"L
  • 2 blankets or soft pads for inside of crate
  • food and water bowls preferably something that is easy to clean
  • chew toys "no plastic"
  • not rawhides hooves and pig/cow ears are better "natural teethers"
  • adjustable collar
  • 6' leash
Doggy Doctor

The babies are going Wed at 11 AM for their first Doctor Visit!

Name Hunt

Still pondering on a name, hubby suggested 'Austin' as that is what we were going to name our baby if she were a boy (8 years ago) - she is a girl! Hmmm, Austin, Austen, Austyn - I also heard Archie today that may be cute or Alexander and call him Xander, pronounced 'Zander'.

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger


Birth Announcement!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Our New Baby Boxer was born Saturday June 17th, 2006!

Please meet the newest addition to the Anderson Family, our new baby boxer! He is one of eight beautiful babies born June 17th at our breeder's home in California. We were #7 on the waiting list and we are pleased to annouce we got the puppy we wanted. He is a Classic Fawn AKC Boxer with gorgeous markings as you can see below. Our handsome furr baby was the first baby born to a mommy who was only expecting 6 maybe 7 babies and had an amazing 8.

The breeder says mommy and the puppies are doing great! Now we are trying to think of a name for our new puppy (we won't get him until late August right around my daughter's 8th birthday), but if we choose a name now the breeder will start working on name recognition already! (awesome huh?)

Choosing a Name...!?!?!

Our Daughter wants to name puppy Max or Rex! Very 'common' names in the canine community! Max was already **bonged** by the MIL as she had a 'Max' in her past she'd rather not think of LOL. So we are pondering Rex, as it is short and well fitting of a Boxer. I personally like to go with the more unique and 'off the wall' types of names - i.e. we are the "A" family as all our names start with "A" and our last name is Anderson - so I came up with Ace, Angus, Axl... One that is not really off the wall nor an A was "Joe" for Joe Boxer - LOL but then I read that you don't want the name to rhyme with a command and Joe rhymes with No which could cause training issues! So that one is bonged too! I kind of like "Moose" for some reason - we used to call our Mastiff (he passed in 2005) Moose Moose, his name was Bear but at 180# Moose Moose just came out a lot! Not to mention I am a moose nut! Angus just cracks me up too... I don't know, we have some time!

Isn't he GORGEOUS?!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger