Bodhi - almost home!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi, don't you wanna kiss those wrinkles???

The Count Down Is ON!

T minus 48 hours or LESS! We will be bring home Bodhi on Saturday, August 12th. It is a 342 mile drive that will take about 6 hours or so - each direction. What we do for love!

We are prepared!

We decided on a crate, we got a MONSTER 45" crate. Plenty of room and in mint condition. Funny Story: I had been pricing crates and the size we needed was around $190+tax or so. So I posted on my favorite free classifieds site called craigslist. I put a wanted ad under 'pets' that I was looking for a 42" crate. I had lots of responses and pictures, but one person stood out because was in the same city as me and was offering a crate for $50 - WOW! So we chatted, she sent a picture of her husband AND 2 dogs in the crate (big enough for sure) and I joked and asked if I could put MY husband in the crate too...(LOL) Soooo long story short, she lives on the same street as me! So we got the crate which was a smidge bigger than 42" for only $50 - a GREAT deal! Nice gal, I hope we keep in touch!!! So if you need a crate for Boxer, check out, they are Nationwide!

We also have...
  • A blankie for Bodhi, it's blue with sports balls on it. We've all slept with it to cover it with our scent and we'll let him sleep with it. Maybe it will help him realize he's one of our 'pack' now.
  • Some puppy safe toys.

We're getting today...

  • A bed for the crate
  • A food and water bowl
  • A collar tag
  • A bag of foodies
  • Licensing Info.
  • Pet Insurance Info.

Sooo Excited!!!!!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today? I will be in less than 48 hours!!!

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