The Adventures of Bodhi begin!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Sorry no pictures, the digital camara is not working - new pics coming soon! I SWEAR he's grown bigger already!

Wild and Crazeee Puppy

Big feet, crazy legs and adoring brown eyes - he's quite a character! Developing his coordination is just too cute as he sprints across the floor chasing a ball or toy. Sometimes overshooting and stopping mid track, yet his body still in motion so he rolls and flips.

He LOVES the grass

One of his favorite times is when we play in the back yard, the lush green lawn is a fun place for him to romp and cause trouble! We have this bushy grassy plant with long waving grasses, he loves to run full speed into it and then 'hide' under the wisps dangling down. He has also found a patch of clover-like ground cover that must be nice and cool because he sinks down into it in puppy smiling bliss!

Rocks are NOT Kibbles!!!

For some reason he is enjoying chewing on rocks! We are nipping this one in the bud quick!

Windchimes, the enemy?

Inside the house we have some small windchimes as a plant stake in a plant. Several times he has walked up to the chime and bonked it with his nose - upon the return of a 'ting a ling a ling' he proceeds to tell the windchime off with an adorable backwards hop and a rumbly growl followed by quite an impressive bark. He has also told off a laundry basket, a shoe and his shadow among other things!

Cats - no big deal!

He still has not much interest in the cats, Pita and Shadow seem to 'tolerate' him. They don't run away, but they keep a watchful eye and send him a little hiss warning. He kind of whines like 'what did I do???' then bounds along on his way.

Puppy Teeth!

He is into rough playing and chasing with those needle like puppy teeth! We are teaching him 'no bite' and giving him a puppy toy each time he trys to gnaw on a body part or clothing!

Sleeping at Night

He has NO problem going to bed in his crate, he actually climbs in on his own now at 10 PM or so! Mon and Tues he woke up a couple times, Wed he slept until 5:45 YAY for ME! Then he got to come and snuggle us a bit after he pottied - that works for me!

Daytime Naps

He was snoozing on the couch or in his crate - now he comes and sleeps at my feet in my office! It's perfect because I see him as soon as he wakes up to take him out potty!

More to come soon!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today? I'm up about 100 snuggles for today!

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