10 week picture / Stubborn Puppy / Play Date with the furr cousins

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi is 10 weeks old today, he LOVES the lawn out back!

I found it!

The missing cord to the digital camara was of course in one of the last boxes I had to unpack for my office - so I'm back in photo land - YAY!

Stubborn lil Fella...

We took Bodhi to my sis-in-law's tonite, we caught him mid-pee and I took him outside. He did NOT finish. I KNEW he had to go - but my sis-in-law does not have a lawn and I think our pampered pooch prefers padded potty areas!

He went on strike...

He would NOT go. We were outside for at least 20 minutes and he just looked at me. Dinner was ready and everyone kept saying 'he must be done' and I told them he was holding out. Well they convinced me to bring him in and not 60 seconds later he 'finished'...Little weenie! I KNOW him and how his little brain works LOL Now I know for sure, I'm winning that one next time!

Romping with his fur cousin...

He had a ball playing with his fur cousin, Bearly. She just LOVES him! Bearly will be 10 this year and boy does Bodhi bring out the puppy in her. They are both sure to have a GREAT night's sleep tonite! She's a Boxer/German Shorthair/Lab Mix, a real cutie! I'll try to get a pic next play date! Next to her we can really see how much he's grown in the past 2 weeks - WOW!

Pierre the Chihuahua... NOT so fond of Bodhi! My mom-in-law has a long haired chi, some refer to him as the spawn of satan... (lol) We all swear he has a second set of teeth like that alien in the movie Alien! He is a darling little thing, when he wants to be! He tried to eat Bodhi tonite! Bodhi was submissive, rolled on his back and wanted to play, but Dom Pierre wanted no part of it! He may be a little jealous of Bodhi playing with Bearly as Pierre is in LOVE with her though she is 50 # bigger than him, of course Bearly does not reciprocate in the love connection - like Pepe LePeu, the skunk who loves the cat! Not to mention Bodhi is already 2 times bigger than Pierre which may have caused the chi to be a little agressive too (well, a lot). We'll have to keep trying...

Alethea Anderson
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