Wrapping up week 2 with Mr. Bodhi!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Growing, Growing, Growing!

Wow time is flying, Bodhi has to be twice as tall now, he's growing like a weed! His legs have sprouted and his feet are as BIG as his 11 year old lab 'cousin'!

Sidways to Straight

When Bodhi first came home he ran willy nilly sideways like a confused crab! Puppy feet flying everywhere! Now he can run, and run FAST! He actually made it onto the couch the other day while chasing my daughter - she thought she was safe (lol) and up he went after her to play!

Potty Training B+

He's doing pretty well! He's only had a few accidents all week, and they were not his fault at all! If the door is open, he goes right out!

Crate Training A+

He actually puts himself to bed around 10, just walks in and snuggles in all his blankies! The past few days he's been sleeping longer and longer - which is nice for me as I'm the one who answers mid-night potty calls! When he sleeps at least 5 hours, after he potties outside he gets to come snuggle with me and Daddy. He loves it of course! The cats however, do NOT!

Speaking of Cats
  • Pita, still hisses and hops high out of reach!
  • Cleo, the hidden cat, hisses from her corner of the closet and Bodhi wants NO part of it!
  • Shadow, the big beast, just stands or sits and stares at him - maybe glares - and hisses - he 'talks' to her all the time - she is not too receptive other than a hissy response.

We're in LOVE!

His wrinkles on his head just melt our hearts! His personality fits with the family perfect! Our daughter loves him, but gets really purturbed because he steals toys all the time!

Toys, toys - WHY buy toys?

Of course we got ropes and balls and chewy things, etc..etc... Have to spoil the new baby! But just like a baby loves the BOX a new toy comes in Bodhi loves the freebies...for instance, an empty 1 gallon water jug - he played with it til it was flat! An empty yogurt cup, STILL playing with it! An empty water bottle! All FREE and kept him entertained for hours!

Shorter Naps - for SURE!

He now is staying up from about 7 AM to 11 AM! BUSY BOY let me tell you!

Check back soon for the amazing stories (pictures coming soon!) of Bodhi!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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