Bodhi The Boxer Dog

After much research on dog breeds, in 2006 we decided we wanted to adopt a Boxer.  At the time I wanted to adopt a pure bred Boxer, so I did research on the web and found whom I thought was a reputable breeder. This breeder had all the right answers to all the necessary questions and I felt comfortable with them.

However, for anyone looking for a Boxer Dog, I would like to share a word of warning from my personal experience.  Even though this breeder answered all the questions the 'right way', saying all the right things and appearing to do all the right things... It turned out she was a 'back yard breeder'.   Breeding for money, not breeding for a passion for the Boxer breed.

The way I found this out was after I invested months of my time developing a relationship with the breeder. Falling in love with my new puppy via pictures emailed, and driving for 8 hours to pickup my new baby.  The shock was when we arrived at the address it was a blank piece of land, all dirt, no green grass in the yard. Simply chain link fence and a small home in a very desert environment....

When we walked inside, there were crates stacked upon crates, in this tiny little home.  Boxer Dogs everywhere... Not just Mom, Dad and the puppies...  It was so sad, and to this day, this is why I say we 'saved Bodhi from a backyard breeder'.

After saving Bodhi, we found out that this breeder bred his Mom right away, next heat... no time for this Mommy to heal and recoup, straight to the next set of puppies, the next fist full of dollars... Now  I've found out that the breeder is breeding another type of dog as well.  When a breeder brings in a second type of dog for breeding purposes, this seals the deal on the fact that they are breeding for money.  It is sad and I hope all the puppies born via these people end up in good homes...

However, regardless of where we saved our precious Bodhi, fact is, Bodhi the Boxer was born on June 17, 2006, he was puppy #1 born out of the litter and he was the one I chose based on his adorable little puppy picture!

You can follow his story here on the blog, it starts back in 2006, I documented every moment from his birth to him coming home sweet home!

An important note is that I learned a valuable lesson, and due to our experience with a backyard breeder, we committed only to rescue animals in the future. I an proud to say that Astrid is adopted from a Boxer rescue.  See Astrid's story here...

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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