Our Adventure to get Mr. Bodhi! AND his 1st day home...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Us with Bodhi at the breeder's in CA!

A loooooong adventure!

We left around 7:30 PM on Friday, August 12th. It was a nice ride, a long ride, a unique ride. Not sure if we were leaving Fri or Sat we were not fully prepared for what was ahead of us!


GPS is a wonderful thing, we plugged in the address and we were on our way. We did not get lost once! We passed through many great little towns, including the town of Bodie! We went through majestic mountains, passed lovely lakes, rushing rivers and so much more. On the way there we did not 'see' much as it was dark.

Motel 6(66)

We arrived at our destination around 1:30 AM, so we knew where to head back to - we kept on truckin' and headed toward Bakersfield to get a hotel. Ended up at Motel 6 and let's just say they did not 'leave the light on' for us. WHOA a creepy little part of town! We somehow caught a few winks around 3 AM or so and got up around 8 and headed out!


The views were GORGEOUS, just so beautiful! The Kern River is adorned by HUGE boulders, rushing water and quiet pools. Dotted with outrageous Oak Trees too. The landscape somewhat similar to here in Nevada - desertlike with an abundance of sage! Also very cool Joshua trees and some other unique plants we've not seen!

We knew we were at the right place...

When we saw a "Boxer Crossing" sign on the front gate! We went in and were greeted by bountiful, well behaved boxers and their people! Very well behaved, no jumping, barking or anything! Just happy butts wagging, kisses and waiting in line to be the next one for some lovies!

Mom and Dad

Bogart was HUGE! A Massive walking muscle meat head, just too cute! Korri Mama a gorgeous petite thing - both SO very loving! Then Bodhi, handsome and snuggly! He played with his sister Lil Bit for awhile and we chatted with the breeder's for about an hour or so - then we headed home for the long ride with our baby.

The ride

Bodhi slept on his new bed with his blankie the whole way! We stopped for potty breaks and he did GREAT! We're pleaed he travels well! Of course whenever we stopped we met Boxer lovers! He had some foodies, water was quite a happy camper the whole way!

The First Night Home

No potty accidents on my shift! He went potty outside, investigated the new home, took a short nap with daddy, got up to play a bit, went potty then I tucked him into his crate. He cried only 2 minutes or less and went to bed around 11:30 PM. He slept until 6 AM on the dot! Great 1st night! I went and took him potty and he did perfect!

The First Day Home

Only one accident in our house! Our daughter was in charge and did not know the 'signs' but only a pee pee! (thank goodness for shampooers!!!) I can easily tell when he needs to go and two times so far he as aked to go out by sitting by the sliding glass door. That's our smart baby! He likes to play, nap, play, nap, nap, play, play, nap! Not too much interest in the cats, which the cats don't mind one bit! The breeder had kitties which I'm sure is a huge factor!

His Voice

The cutest little growl bark you ever heard! He's tough when it comes to non-moving objects as they of course are trying to get him and he has to set them straight! Sounds like he'll be a talker like our Bear with his Chewbaca impressions!

The Second Night

He went right to sleep in his bed not one peep! I went to bed around 11:30 PM and was snoozing! I heard Bodhi talking and I thought it was 6 AM already, nope 12:30 AM! He had to pee so I took him and and he did! I snuggled him, he got drowsy and I told him to go to his room and he went right in his crate! I went to bed, fell asleep and later heard Bodhi. I thought it was 6 AM, nope 2:30 - whew I was tired! (flashbacks to when my daughter was a newborn...) He did not have to pee, I think he just wanted some reassurance that he was not alone as I snuggled him for a few then he got in his bed on his own! So 5:30 rolled around he was calling again, we went potty, ate some kibble, went potty again, played a bit -then we laid down on the couch for a bit til about 7. Got up, played, pee'd, etc... Romped with Daddy a bit before work then...

he Zonked out...

...on the couch! I peeked on him and all 4 were in the air -comfy for SURE! About 20 minutes later I heard a 'thud' and walked out to see a dazed Bodhi. I think he rolled off, he looked awfully embarassed!

On with our day!

So I'm trying to get work done, trying is the magic word! LOL Busy puppy, the kiddo is still not sure how to handle the boisterous puppy who seems to LOVE stealing things from her room! She's getting a little peeved, she does not get that her things are SO much more fun to steal (especially if he senses that it annoys her!)

So far So Good!

We're all in love with our new fur baby and we can't wait to see what the future holds!

Alethea Anderson
The Bella Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today? I have, a zillion times!!!

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