Dog Food Delivery, I found

A couple weeks ago on a Friday I was not feeling 100%... I stayed in bed all day and remembered I was almost out of dog food. The very last thing I wanted to do was get in my car and go to Pet Food Express to get a 30 pound bag of dog food...

So I went to Google and searched for local dog food delivery, and found (if you visit please use code ALET0624 and I'll get a $5 credit, Bodhi and Astrid thank you!) I checked to see if they have my brand of dog food, Taste of the Wild Pacific Salmon, and they sure did!

It was better when I found the price on my brand of dog food was lower than Pet Food Express... Even better, next day delivery (on a Saturday). EVEN BETTER, free delivery if I signed up for auto ship! I pondered it for a few (not a big fan of auto ships) however I decided that if I could have Astrid and Bodhi's food delivered to my front door on the same schedule that I'd drive across town, in city traffic to get their food. Well, WIN WIN situation!

So with the onsite coupon and auto ship, I got a 30 pound bag of dog food plus a bag of treats with FREE shipping for about $10 less than I would have paid for ONLY  bag of dog food at Pet Food Express (not counting the fuel I'd use and time spent to go there).

In addition, you can shop across multiple sites and get great discounts on other types of goodies too, bath goodies, food goodies... I've not explored them all as I was under the weather, placed and order, and went back to bed, but I wanted to share so maybe some fellow Boxer lovers can find great deals on great dog food and other things as well!

I got my order, as promised, on Saturday via FedEx! Perhaps the only time the Boxer Duo was excited for a delivery box coming into the home because they KNEW it was their noms! LOL

This is an unsolicited review of, if you visit their website and place and order, please use my referral code of ALET0624 to give me a $5 credit toward future purchases {hugs}.

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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