Birth Announcement!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Our New Baby Boxer was born Saturday June 17th, 2006!

Please meet the newest addition to the Anderson Family, our new baby boxer! He is one of eight beautiful babies born June 17th at our breeder's home in California. We were #7 on the waiting list and we are pleased to annouce we got the puppy we wanted. He is a Classic Fawn AKC Boxer with gorgeous markings as you can see below. Our handsome furr baby was the first baby born to a mommy who was only expecting 6 maybe 7 babies and had an amazing 8.

The breeder says mommy and the puppies are doing great! Now we are trying to think of a name for our new puppy (we won't get him until late August right around my daughter's 8th birthday), but if we choose a name now the breeder will start working on name recognition already! (awesome huh?)

Choosing a Name...!?!?!

Our Daughter wants to name puppy Max or Rex! Very 'common' names in the canine community! Max was already **bonged** by the MIL as she had a 'Max' in her past she'd rather not think of LOL. So we are pondering Rex, as it is short and well fitting of a Boxer. I personally like to go with the more unique and 'off the wall' types of names - i.e. we are the "A" family as all our names start with "A" and our last name is Anderson - so I came up with Ace, Angus, Axl... One that is not really off the wall nor an A was "Joe" for Joe Boxer - LOL but then I read that you don't want the name to rhyme with a command and Joe rhymes with No which could cause training issues! So that one is bonged too! I kind of like "Moose" for some reason - we used to call our Mastiff (he passed in 2005) Moose Moose, his name was Bear but at 180# Moose Moose just came out a lot! Not to mention I am a moose nut! Angus just cracks me up too... I don't know, we have some time!

Isn't he GORGEOUS?!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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