By George, I think we've named him!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Orgin of the Name...

Our little furr baby has a name, started as Bodie then became Bodey ended up as Bodhi! We orginally grabbed the name from a small historic 'ghost town' up here that one of our family members actually was born and raised at - she now resides in Northern California as there are no residents of the town any longer (hence the 'ghost town part' LOL). The town was orginally spelled Bodey then changed to Bodie by a sign maker, here's the story if you are interested!

I just HAD to know...

A a unique name and out of my curiosity (always curious) I wanted to know if Bodie/Bodey had a meaning. It turns out Bodey is another term for 'body', not too interesting... The word Bodie is a Scottish name meaning 'coin worth 2 cent' often named to collies, sheepdogs and terriers back in the early 1900's. Also known for the town I mentioned above.

Fun Fact: The dog in the Movie 'Steel Magnolias' was named Bodie!

Why I chose the spelling "Bodhi"

Bodhi is a word in a Zen dictionary meaning...

"Wisdom, in the sense of enlightenment. It is not accumulated knowledge, is not attainment, is not something found, but is realization of the essential truth."

That sounds very 'Zen' to me as I am constantly on the path of self elightment! Not to mention from my research, Boxers are extremely wise and intelligent dogs, that learn quickly and use their wisdom in day to day life!

Maybe this means he'll just know what to do? LOL I'll just put the energy out there that he'll be a wonderful companion!

We are so very excited!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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