Puppy is one week old!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Our furr baby is one week old today, wow he looks so wonderful! His little nose is starting to get black and look at those kissable wrinkles on his forehead - DARLING!

We 'think', just think we may have a name for him! Possibly 'Bodie' (pronounced beau-dee). It is a small town up here that just so happens to have a nice ring to it.

We will hopefully have the name picked out by this weekend as his little ears will be opening to the world of sound first and it will be such a joy to have him know his name when we come to pick him up!

The breeder says we can come August 12th to get our precious, this is a week before my daughter's 8th birthday and a few days before my Mom comes to visit from NM! How FUN!

My daughter is sooo excited and wants to get him fun baby puppy things. I just found a new shop in Reno that caters to all things for pets, a unique furr boutique - PLUS I found a dog Barkery in Carson City. Oh our little one will be so pampered!

Alethea Anderson
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