Puppy is a PORKER!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

He's not missing any meals...

Our breeder wrote today with a puppy update, our little darling is not missing any meals (LOL) and pudging out just perfectly! She says the furr babies know how to make themselves 'heard'!

We also got a list of items to start collecting:
  • Crate for adult size male 40-42"L
  • 2 blankets or soft pads for inside of crate
  • food and water bowls preferably something that is easy to clean
  • chew toys "no plastic"
  • not rawhides hooves and pig/cow ears are better "natural teethers"
  • adjustable collar
  • 6' leash
Doggy Doctor

The babies are going Wed at 11 AM for their first Doctor Visit!

Name Hunt

Still pondering on a name, hubby suggested 'Austin' as that is what we were going to name our baby if she were a boy (8 years ago) - she is a girl! Hmmm, Austin, Austen, Austyn - I also heard Archie today that may be cute or Alexander and call him Xander, pronounced 'Zander'.

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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