How to catch a Boxer puppy...

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Chase anyone?

Bodhi has discovered the 'chase' game, where WE are the ones doing the chasing! For instance the other day he got a hold of a receipt, and I wanted it back, so he got a twinkle in his eye and ran like the wind! So I chased him for fun, and evidently I 'taught' him this game. So for the past couple days he has been stealing and baiting for game of chase!

Catch a Boxer?

This morning at 8:40 my daugher and I were getting ready to drop her off at school. Each morning we put Bodhi in his crate just before we go. Well, today when I went to pick him up he ran, and ran, and ran! His stubbie waggin' as fast as it could go there was NO way he was getting in that crate without finishing a game of chase... 8:45, my daughter was panicking, she had 5 minutes til school started. Bodhi - still not ready - so we bribed him - would not work. I simply could not catch the dog, especially since he was 'playing' and I was 'catching'. SO I had to calm him down from his Tiggerish splendor and have him come to me, and we got him in the crate. I was ready for a 2nd breakfast after that one!

Lesson Learned...

I know NOT to play a game of chase before I need to put him in the crate! LOL

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you HUGGED your Boxer today? I have - LOTS!

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