Bodhi and Shadow - a tale of 2 furr balls!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

This picture was taken when Bodhi was about 10 weeks, at that time he was still smaller than the cats - not any more!

The cats 'tolerate' the dog!

Basically the cats have Bodhi right where they want him. He walks up to them, they hiss, and he walks away. Of course he has to 'tell' them about it first with his Boxer voice of a cute grumbly whine rolling off his tongue.

Sometimes the cats make a mistake...

Occasionally they run - and when the do - it's on! He simply cannot resist chasing a fast moving blurr of kitty! Cleo goes to her corner of the closet, of which the door Bodhi will not pass... Shadow goes under the bed, and Bodhi follows right along talking to her the whole time! Each time she growls, he lets her know he can hear her! Pita runs fast and jumps high, I don't know how many times the little sh** has ran and jumped on my desk taking the papers and everything in the wake half way across it.

I always tell them...

I say "Cats, if you would just SIT there and NOT run you'd have no problems! Sometimes they listen, sometimes I think they like the challenge. I SWEAR Shadow has lost some weight, which is good for her as you can see in the picture above she is quite 'hefty'.

Bobo LOVES cat food!

He is stealthy about it too - he some how does sneak attacks on the bowl when I think he's fast asleep. Then *BOOM* he has wiped out the whole bowl. I keep telling him his bark will turn to a meow if he's not careful!!! I really would PREFER he stick to dog food, so I put the bowl up where he can't get it - which unfortunately is where the 2 FAT cats can't get it either. So we settled and hid it in the closet, he has not sniffed it out - yet!

But everyone gets along...

Bodhi is learning 'no kitty' and that it means to back off! So I know all things furry will get along quite fine as he grows into those FEET!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have YOU hugged YOUR Boxer today??

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