Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Bodhi is Prince Charming

Everyone just loves him! So handsome and polite, and BIG! He went yesterday and got his last vaccination, rabies - 36.5#. All the ladies at the office just oooohed and ahhhhhed at his ever striking handsomness!

Favorite Treat

Bodhi LOVES crushed ice! Whenever I go to the fridge to get some ice in a glass he comes a running at mach 3 thru the house to make sure he gets his little ice chips. He will actually beg for them, whining with those big brown eyes!

Nappin' Spots

He loves the couch for his morning nap. In the afternoon he lounges in the sun in my office. In the evening he's back on the couch where the action is. At night he's on our bed!

Owning the Bed...

...Bodhi started out at the foot of the bed. As the nights have gotten cooler he's been scooting up higher between us where it's extra warm. The other morning I wake up with his head ON my pillow and somehow he wriggled under the covers! Spoiled BOY for SURE!


He LOVES to go on walks, very curious. He listens to everything. So very calm and polite. Such a gentelman!

Car Rides

He LOVES LOVES LOVES to go in the car! You ask him 'wanna go on a car ride' and he is jazzed!


He learned sit a LONG time ago, which he can now do with a non-verbal hand command. He will shake and shake and shake, he loves it! He also knows 'down'. He is really good and does not jump on people, but he sometimes puts his feet up on things 'looking' for things to steal - LOL he is quite the little clepto.

Dryer Sheets

He has a fascination with dryer sheets, I have to repo them all the time before he eats them!


Chase is still his favorite by far! He can run like there is no tomorrow! He also enjoys fetching as well. Our daughter plays hide and seek with him too!

We call him our son...

LOL and he is our daughter's 'brother'. She just cracks up at that!

Sassy Boy

He talks back! Sometimes when he dissagrees with something, he lets us know with a growl-y whine-y adorable sound! I tell him 'hey, no sassing Mommy!'

A Joy to my heart...

He keeps me company and is a devoted companion. A blessing in my life!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you Hugged YOUR boxer today?

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