New Pics! 15-16 wks

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Finally some new pics up, our dang digital camara needs to be replaced.
Hey Santa (wink wink)

Above - Favorite evening snuggle spot!
This blankie is on our bed, and on the couch when it's cold and we snuggle watching
TV. He LOVES it!

Above - Enjoying his yard!
Taking a break from one of his turbo runs around the yard - crazy 8 around
the bench behind him to the far corner around the juniper and back all at mach 3!

Above - Head warmer OR couch hog?
He was on the upper pillows of the couch and ON my husband's head!

Above - Bodhi in one of his sun spots.

Our kitchen has 4 high windows that get morning sun and shine little squares on the floor. He likes to follow the sun squares and bathe in the warm!

Bodhi is my buddy, my snuggly, my favorite furr person!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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