What is 'stacking' a dog or dog stacking?

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

Stacking Stance

Stacking is the 'form' a dog takes when in the show ring presenting to a judge during a dog show. Head up, tail up, chest out, feet spaced - elegant and showing the true form of the dog.

Bodhi's Example

The breeder wrote today that last night she set him in stacking stance and took a picture, look how good our baby did!

Training your Boxer to 'Stack'

This usually starts with the breeder, who will put puppy in the stacking stance and reward him with a small bit of food and lots of praise! Reinforcing a good stack with verbal praise makes puppy know he did something good! Making it fun and rewarding for puppy, makes puppy want to do it again and again. (not to mention the puppy snack!)

Your Dog Does Not Have to Be a Show Dog to Stack

You may ask, 'well I don't plan on showing my boxer, why would I want him to stack'? Well, we're not sure we'll have Bodhi be a show dog... However I think that the command 'Stack!' and having him pose in stacking position would be handy in some instances.

Ways you can use 'Stack'!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want to take a picture!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want your dog to stand at attention!
  • Command "Stack"! When you want your dog to 'freeze' in one spot!

Use your creativity and have fun with stacking, you can train your dog to utilize the command like heel, sit, stay, STACK!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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