Change in Food, Boxers' Diet

Greetings Fellow Boxer Lovers,

When we adopted Astrid a few months ago they recommended we change the food to Dick Van Patten's brand - so we did! It has great ingredients, is naturally based, etc..etc...

Well, Bodhi kept getting sick...we could not figure it out. His eyes were watery and droopy, and his 'movements' were quite 'liquid' you could say.

I contacted Bodhi's breeder and she said though Dick Van Patten is a good food line, it is too rich for some Boxers' sensitive stomachs and that it sounded like Bodhi was allergic to the food. With the eyes and the tummy problems we decided to switch him back. No less than 2 weeks later he is 100% better and Astrid had no problem adjusting.

We originally and now went back to Nutro for Sensitive Stomachs, it's a light green bag with Chicken/Potato/Rice

The 2 beasties have been enjoying the snow, chasing the cats and knocking bows off the presents under the tree!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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