Boxing Boxers

Boxing Boxers

Many are intimidated by the Boxer Breed, to those of us Boxer lovers this seems crazy as we know the breed as loving, playful and clown like. We have to remember how others may see Boxers!

Meeting Other Dogs

When my Boxers meet other dogs they fiercly wag their butts and rear up with their front feet forward. Other dog owners see this as an attack as they cannot see the mini stub wagging 100 miles per hour. Nor do they understand that Boxers literally 'box' to play with other dogs. Something to remember, dogs also watch for wagging tails and may be intimidated by your Boxer too. Always use caution when having dogs meet and be aware that meeting by leash is often not the best manner as when on a leash dogs feel they are 'on duty' to protect their owner and are not as relaxed.

The Look

I don't know how many times people have asked if my dogs were Pitbulls - argh... People don't know and just assume a muscular meat head of a dog is a Pitbull! In most cases people are wrong about those too as there are many 'bully' breeds and only one true 'Pitbull'. Boxers have a broad chest, narrow waist and very muscular thighs. They also have very short hair which readily shows all these attributes! Their faces have 2 versions, though both are Classic Fawn in coloration; our Boxer Bodhi has more American Boxer attributes with a larger stature and longer snout not as 'squishy' looking as Astrid our othe Boxer carries more of a German physique. More compact in size, squishy face and undershot jaw.

The Sounds

Boxers are very vocal in playing, this has literally scared the crap out of many visitors when double trouble decides to show off in the middle of the living room. On their hind legs, boxing with paws flying, growling, talking and wrestling. People ask 'are you going to stop the fight' and we have to teach our guests that they simply are observing Boxer play. They are stunned! Especially when we tell the 2 to 'knock it off' and they sit looking at us like 'huh?'

Boxers make great pets

To anyone considering a Boxer as a pet, they make great family friends, are very gentle with little children and are extremely devoted and loving. A Boxer will NOT thrive in a family where it will be left alone as that is when Boxers can get into trouble. i.e. favorite shoes = bye bye. Counch = snack. Leg of table = good chewing. Boxers need LOTS of attention, play time and love. I personally did not get Boxers until I worked at home!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today?

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