Astrid the coffee table dog...

So our dogs have a couch, yep...they have a couch...

About a year ago we got a nice leather couch, and the house rules were no dogs on the new couch (which hubby abandoned quickly for his precious creton Astrid)

Well, when we moved into our new home we got a 2nd couch, perfectly 'Boxer Color'. So we put a blanket on it, that we remove when company comes over...

Well over the weekend while washing blanket A we put on temporary blanket B. Last night blanket A was washed and hubby folded Blanket B and sat it on the leather couch...

Well this morning Bodhi was eyeing the blanket on the leather couch, knowing what he was thinking I grabbed it and put it on the coffee table because I knew that Bodhi was thinking "I'm allowed to lay where my blanket is..."

So about an hour later Bodhi is fast asleep on the couch where he is supposed to be and Astrid? Yep, on the blanket ON the coffee table! *sigh*

I ran for the camara but it was too tempting of a chase and I did not get a picture!

Alethea Anderson
Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer today?

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