Bodhi's Foot Problems - vanished!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

So many moons ago I was writing about Bodhi and his foot problems, which involved swollen, red, seepy, saucy areas in between his toes.  Which led to (several) expensive visits to the vet.  Which involved neck cones, shots, tar treatments, minor surgery, laser treatments, medicines and more...

Now that we are in California, the problems have vanished.  What have we done?  What have we changed? Nothing...

Was it the soil in Nevada?  The wood bark that was in the yard at the last house we lived in up in Nevada?   The cleaner I used on the kitchen floor?   The product the professional cleaners used to shampoo the carpet?   We just don't know....

Good news is it is not a food allergy, we are so grateful that he has happy, healthy feet once again!

So if your Boxer is having some sort of foot issues, and if the Vet thinks it may be due to food, be sure ask/check/investigate other possibilities as well like the environment (indoors and out).

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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