Bodhi to the VET again!

Greetings Fellow Boxer Lovers,

Today I took Bodhi to the vet!   He has been licking his foot and I looked between his toes to see some gnarly bumps, it looked really raw, red and OUCH.  In addition he was shaking his head again and had some of that brown 'goop' in his ear.  (sorry for the graphics, but this may help someone who has something similar)

So the Doctor said his foot is an infection, similar to the one he had back in February.  He said probably due to a food allergy.  Entirely possible as we've had some friends over recently who snuck Bodhi food (and BOY did it PI**ED me off too).  Not to mention he stole an entire loaf of french bread off the counter, and enjoyed every crumb (and some of the paper too).

The Vet said that food allergies manifest most often in foot chewing/licking, constant licking keeps it damp in between the toes creating that happy little place where infection wants to grow AND ear itching which then results in ear infections (scratching the ear makes the ear red and hot, which in turn makes it a great breeding place for bacteria) 

So in addition to all that, Bodhi had a foxtail in his ear!

Bodhi of course was not so fond of the idea of 2 Vet Techs holding him in place while the Vet attempted to remove the foxtail.  Bodhi is so strong and his eyes were looking at me like 'SAVE ME MOM!'.  The vet was fearful that one strong squirming motion and he'd pierce Bodhi's ear drum.  So that instantly made the visit about double in cost, as they now had to knock his 85# butt out in order to remove the foxtail!  LOL

AND they are doing this new laser treatment on his foot, it costs about the same as long term antibiotics so I told them to go for it.  At $25 a pop it's far more affordable than any laser treatment people get!

In addition to one today, he needs 2 more laser treatments this week,  2 next week and one the week following.  One must be prepared to invest in their pet's health!

Bodhi is happy and well, he was a little 'drunk' when we picked him up today though!

Alethea Anderson
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