Bodhi the Boxer Vet Update

So 5 laser treatments, a whole bottle of antibiotics and a tar treatment later Bodhi was back at the vet this morning...  Most of the inbetween area of  his looks better, but between the center 2 it is still pretty swollen. 

So he goes back tomorrow to be knocked out, drained, etc...

He is really used to the car rides now, he actually quite enjoys it.  When I say 'Do you want to go on a car ride?" he fully does the happy dance!

Astrid is pretty bummed about all these excursions as she has been staying home, I think she's moping  a bit. Surely she does not understand he's going to the VET and not somewhere FUN!

Just a little update!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?

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