Bodhi and Astrid Loving California!

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers,

We recently moved back to California and the Boxer Duo are LOVING it here!  Lots of new sights, smells and critters here to experience and enjoy!  Up in Nevada they experienced Quail, Lizards and Rabbits...

Here in California they have met a new tormenting little critter, the Tree Squirrel.  Seemingly on a mission to tease and torment Bodhi and Astrid these little furry beasties with bushy tails are just too much for the Boxer pair to handle...

The Squirrels sit on the step right outside the sliding glass door, flicking their little tails knowing the dogs can't get them through the glass...

When outside sun lounging the lawn, the Squirrels run along on top of the awning outside, across the lawn and dance in the trees;  clicking their little squirrel songs, tossing down things from the branches and running my dogs wild!

I tell you what, all this extra exercise is making Bodhi and Astrid burn more calories, lots more lean muscle on these two.   The squirrels are great entertainment and I know that at least the Boxers will never ever catch one LOL

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?

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