Licensing Your Boxers, Why it's Important

So I admit, I have been guilty of not licensing pets in the past... it seems so silly to PAY to have an extra tag on your dog's collar. Yet another fee/tax to pay the government... However, for the small amount it costs, it's actually worth it.

That tag is an ID for your dog, if your dog ever gets lost, they can look him or her up in the database and know where to find their home. Which could save their LIFE! A lost dog without ID has a very short time to live at the county, with so many dogs coming in, being abandoned, being dropped off, etc.. the rate of dogs being euthanize is saddening.

Side note, even if they get brought in and they are not wearing their collar, they can still look up the dog by BREED and have a good chance of finding you - just do it, your Boxer is your fur baby :)

In our neck of the woods the fee is only $20/year (for a spayed/neutered) dog - so $40 for the both of them...

I just went down to the County and paid in person, I simply had to have the paper from the vet proving they had been vaccinated, proof that they were spayed/neutered, and payment. Voila, new jewelry for their collars!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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