Bodhi's Check Up at the Vet

So it's been a couple months and I finally got to make Bodhi's Vet appointment!

Bodhi goes bat s#*t crazy when you get out the leash, and even MORE nutso excited when you say the words "car ride". So he was quite ecstatic to hop in the car for a trip! I love driving with one (or both) of the Boxers in the car as they love to peek out the windows (while smearing drool and dog snot all over them). The smiles and giggles from passing cars makes me happy! (basically because it makes me know I'm not the only Boxer hooman who grins like a fool when I see a Boxer in someone else's car, lol....)

Even though Bodhi LOVES the idea of going on car rides, he gets major anxiety while IN the car. He won't sit down and relax, he's all tense and hyper focused... silly boy...

Anyways, Bodhi was excited to get to the vet. More people to tell him how cute he is and marvel at his huge Boxer stature. He got his check-up all is good, he weighs 94.7 # now! Looking great!

It cost $99.50 in Northern California for an Exam and his DHP-P + Rabies. They want to do surgery to remove the lumps, Bodhi's treatment plan was less than Astrid's with a quote of $747.50. Dogs are expensive folks, don't get dogs if you cannot care for them (hugs).

I still need to get the Boxer Duo licensed... I had to wait until Bodhi got his shots so I could complete the process... Next, licenses and figuring out when to get the Boxers all taken care of. They did offer 10% off if I brought both in at the same time! (gulp)

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