Astrid's Check Up at the Vet

Up in Nevada it seemed like Bodhi was always at the vet with his foot issues... I admit, I had not taken either of the Boxers to the vet since we have been back in California. So I finally made an appointment . Astrid's breath could knock over a horse so I took a peek in her mouth and her teeth were bad. I was mortified, I had no idea... I've never had a dog who had teeth issues.

I felt SO guilty :(

She was very excited to go on a car ride, Bodhi was rather miffed that he was not involved in this process and did not like the idea that he was being left at home. He adores Astrid (and his humans) so much the he's rather uncomfortable when there is no one around....

Astrid LOVES people she was going bonkers with all the new humans to greet! She weighs 60.9 pounds, just about right! She got her exam, her DHP-P and her Rabies shots; in Northern California this cost $106.50... has to be done!

In addition to the visit they provided me with a 'treatment plan', basically a quote for Astrid's teeth cleaning and surgery to remove her lumps and bumps. $1053.00 for the blood panel, mass removal, biopsy, injections, boarding, teeth cleaning, teeth extraction, surgical pack and sutures. Bodhi gets his vet visit before we figure out what to with Astrid and her treatment plan!

They also gave me the paperwork to get the dogs licensed, as apparently I have forgotten to do this! (oops) Better hop on that!

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