Boxer Dog Bed Hog Strikes Again

He's so cute, I admit, it's hard to make  him move so I fit... Often I fit myself in around him so I don't disturb his peaceful slumber... He always uses my teddy bear as a pillow :)

Often I wake up with about 12 inches of space along the edge, one move and I'm on the floor, while Astrid and Bodii are sprawled out all nice and comfy!

I tell them how lucky they are, and about all the sad little doggies that have to sleep on the concrete...

Or the wild foxes and wolves that sleep in caves on dirt and rocks.  They just look at me like I'm crazy... (well  am trying to reason with 2 Boxers, but still....)

Then I sit there and ponder if  the Boxer Duo think how nice they are to share their bed with us and that we're hogging their space...

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?

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