Astrid and Bodhi, Two-fer Surgery Day

Both Astrid and Bodhi went in for surgery and teeth cleaning today... They were quite excited to go on a car ride together! Bodhi is so much calmer when Astrid is with him in the car, he actually relaxed and laid down in the back...

Once we got there I did a quick sweep to ensure there were no dogs or cats in the front office, these two are a tough bunch to handle around other critters...

So I brought them in, Astrid was down to 56.7 and Bodhi down to 88.3, my little diet was working for them! (someone who shall remain nameless tends to give them a lot of hooman food, I've been working on making them stop!)

Astrid got a teeth cleaning, extraction of a few teeth, a couple lumps removed, some skin tags tied off and a nail trim.

Bodhi got a teeth cleaning, where they found he had never lost his puppy canines, so they pulled those, and he had some bigger lumps removed.

When I went to pick them up they were still all doped up, they appeared to have no idea I was even in the room. Eyes glossed over, looking loopy and stoned, poor sweeties...

They both looked like frank-n-boxers... they each had several squares shaved out of their fur with big stitches. So they looked kind of like patch work quilts :(

Grand total, $1604.50... however I remember that they said a 10% discount if I brought both at the same time, voila $1444.10. Still a chunk of change, but hey, what can you do?

Astird did great, even with teeth pulled she was eating that night! Bodhi did great too, however he was messing with his stitches on his front leg, so he ended up having to wear a cone! (he took to it quickly due to having to wear one so frequently in the past due to his prior foot issues)

Love your Boxers and care for them, healthy Boxers live longer, happier lives!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?

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