Removing Boxer Stitches

So it is Christmas Day, we have company coming over, and we decided to take Bodhi's 'Lamp Shade' off his head (the Boxer Duo's appointment for stitch removal is tomorrow). Well no sooner did we take the cone off his head, he started right in on  his arm trying to pull the stitches out. He was literally trying to RIP them out of his skin....

So I did a little Google research and decided to take the stitches out of ONLY his arm (none of the other places). I read that you snip only ONE side near the knot, so you can pull the entire stitch out using the know. If you cut the knot off, you can actually lose the stitch in the wound!

So, with the help of my daughter, I snipped and pulled the oh-so-pretty hot pink stitches out of his arm. I saved them in a zip bag to show the vet so they knew what I did, lol...

As soon as they were out, he did not mess with his arm the rest of the day! I guess they were pretty bothersome... So I did it, yay me! Too bad I could not send a bill to the vet for my services :)

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?

PS I'm not condoning removing stitches yourself or suggesting you remove stitches yourself. I'm sharing a story of something I felt I needed to do on a holiday when the vet was closed...

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