Time for Comfortis, Good Bye Fleas

I had enough... when the fleas were hopping on ME, biting my ankles, etc... I was so mortified and disgusted I was ready to do nearly ANYTHING. Seriously, like MOVE.

I called the vet and said I was ready for whatever they had, and they recommended Comfortis. I was really concerned with basically feeding my dog some sort of toxin that was going to kill fleas when they bit the dog...

She explained to me that the chemical compound used in Comfortis was discovered in a jungle. Scientists were doing research and noticed that there were certain areas within the jungle that had NO bugs at all. They found this fascinating and discovered that all these areas had one thing in common, a certain plant.

So, this plant is the basis for the flea treatment Comfortis. Now I'm not sure how accurate this is, it's just what I was told, but it sure made me feel better. LOL. I KNOW many 'drugs' are derived from nature, and are not SAFE. But,as I mentioned above, I was ready for ANYthing that was going to work.

So I bought one dose for each, Astrid and Bodhi. It was $31.50 for two pills (discounts for larger quantities of course) but I wanted to see how it worked! Since the Boxers are about 30 pounds different in weight, they each had different dose pills.

The pills look just like the ones in the picture, the dogs LOVE them, like they are special treats! So if you get Comfortis to help with your Boxer flea problem, and if you get multiple doses, do NOT keep the extras where the Boxers can find them. They'll eat them for a snack and get VERY sick if they overdose!

Basically you give your Boxer the Comfortis flea pill once a month, it does its magic and when fleas jump on the dog and bite the dog to feed, that flea is going to be dead soon after. I used to 'catch' fleas and wash them down the sink, now I find dead fleas on the Boxers. I am not finding any more 'flea dirt' (blood excrement from adult fleas feeding which is then consumed by flea hatchlings) which shows me that it is working. In addition I see very FEW live fleas around. Still some, but I know the process takes time.

The Comfortis helps to stop the cycle of fleas, they are killing the adults, and also the newly hatched fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs. You STILL have to keep up on vacuuming. Every (EVERY) single day. Remember that flea eggs can lay dormant and hatch when weather is prime. I'm keeping the Boxer Duo on these pills as here in California we're still in a drought. It was 72 yesterday and I swear that a new batch of fleas hatched. OMG. It has been a couple months that they've been on Comfortis and I plan to keep them on it through this year as we are still in an extremely dry drought with warm weather headed our way.

It's a battle, but we're WINNING!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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