Boxer to ER over Holiday Weekend

So Astrid had a slightly swollen lymph node on her neck for a couple days, we were watching it for a couple days and planning to take her to the vet the following week after the July 4 holiday since the vet was closed.

Enter Murphy's Law, on Saturday her entire neck and half of her face were completely swollen (my apology for no pictures - imagine if Quasi Moto looked like a Boxer Dog). We called our vet and spoke with the on call doctor who thought it may be a foxtail that worked its way in - and suggest a trip to ER to get some antibiotics.

Five hours of sitting and waiting, sitting and waiting, sitting and waiting -  we were perhaps persuaded in our weakened state of mind (tired, starving, worried) to run a full panel of tests plus xrays - sending us home with pills for the pup.... Only to find out a week later they did the tests incorrectly and the xrays showed nothing.

However, no refunds from the ER. It was quite frustrating...

The swelling went down after a matter of days, and all was back to normal. I did take her to our vet and they let her continue on her medicine to fight off infection as they too ran some tests and found some cells indicating infection. Our vet agreed with the on call vet, that it likely was a foxtail. The doctor felt bad about the huge ER bill...

On the bright side, it all cleared up and Astrid was back to normal.

I honestly don't know if the trip to the ER was warranted... I really think we were taken advantage of in this particular situation. Even at the last minute they show these amazing things called 'pill pockets' and how Astrid snarfed down a HUGE pill without batting an eyelash. They asked if wanted some, of course we did! Later to find out that they added $15 to the bill (later I found a package twice as big for half the price).... (((sigh))

But, Astrid was happily herself once again!

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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  1. I love your blog! I have never had a boxer before but your website is a great resource.. it makes me want to get one! Thanks!