Do Boxer Dogs Understand Death of their Housemate?

It has been almost a week since our Astrid crossed the rainbow bridge. For the most part Bodhi seems okay. He has had a few moments of looking a bit sad. His ears perked up a bit when he heard us mention Astrid's name, and he seemed to look around for her hoping she had returned. However, we think he knew she was dying before we did.

this picture was taken a few weeks before Astrid's passing.
Just being his typical beg hog self...
As I noted in a previous blog, I found Bodhi standing over Astrid quietly, then laying down next to her. I felt he knew that her time was near,

The day she passed I made sure that he came over to see her so he could have closure. I did not want him to see her leave and not understand that she was 'gone'. After he spent a moment with her, he pretty much vanished and stayed clear.

The next day he was quiet, and seemed lonely. Before her passing, the two were peas in a pod, always traveling around the house together, barking at stuff together, begging together, going potty together in the yard, etc...etc..He followed her like she was Queen.

I used to always joke if Bodhi went first Astrid would be fine with it, but if Astrid went first that Bodhi would be devastated.

Astrid was definitely the Alpha around here (ranking just under me of course) - but now Bodhi seems to be stepping into her role a bit in a subtle way. i.e. taking her spot on the bed and no longer waiting to eat (he used to wait until she had her food before he ate)

Overall I think he's doing pretty good, like all of us, I think he has his moments...

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?

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