Boxer turning into a Dalmatian?

Hello Fellow Boxer Lovers!

I'm doing a little catch up - so there will be a few posts in a row (that really span over a period of several months). I wanted to share some info that may be useful to other Boxer lovers...

A couple years ago Astrid had surgery to have some lumps and bumps removed here and there, every once and awhile the scar on top of her head would look a little irritated - but always cleared up in a day or two.

Well this time we noticed a couple sore spots here and there, then BOOM, overnight she was covered with scabby little sores the size of a dime all over head to toe...

Off to the vet we went...

After a few swab tests, cultures, and hefty vet bills - it turned out she had a bacterial infection. We were told it was a common bacteria that is always present on dogs, All it takes is one little infected hair follicle to cause a full blown skin disaster! :(

The vet said the sores start small under the fur and often go unnoticed until they all break through - which is why it seemed overnight that she was covered head to toe.

We had to give Astrid special baths with a prescription shampoo, and let the shampoo sit for over 10 minutes on the skin. (Try standing in a single stall shower with a wiggly Boxer dog, multiple times over the course of a week....)

Plus she got a prescription of antibiotics...

Follow up vet visit, they were questioning the diagnostic and possibly going to refer her to a skin specialist. Literally a doggy dermatologist! Thankfully this did not need to take place - whew... a new antibiotic and a couple weeks later, the infection cleared up.

However Astrid is left with black scars ranging between dime and quarter size all over. We think it was all a ploy to become a dalmatian...

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