You don't know what you're missing until it's gone - after your Boxer dies

After your Boxer Dog dies, a piece of you goes along too. In the days after, you realize even more how much you miss even the most annoying, crazy things your Boxer would do.

I miss her stealing a single shoe, and stashing it somewhere it the house.

I miss having to run around the for ten minutes, while running late, looking for it.

I miss her little old lady dragon breath, wafting at me while eating my dinner.

I miss her loud and high pitch bark when she felt she was not the center of attention.

I miss getting up off the couch only to find she had stolen the warm spot.

I miss finding her waiting for me at the garage door when I'd come home - with her nub wagging so fiercely that she could not walk in a straight line.

I miss her always, ALWAYS grabbing a toy, shoe, blanket, pillow ANYTHING she could get her teeth on, to present a gift when I walked through the door.

I miss her hogging the bed (Bodhi is starting to settle into her spot now and he too is a magnificent bed hog)

I miss her smacking her little lips before falling asleep.

I  miss her claw footed stretch into my back.

I miss her 'rabbit kick' as she got comfy.

I miss seeing her 'spoon' with hubby under the covers with her head out and a big smile on her face...

While I miss so many things, I also feel blessed that I have the memory of these and many more things that made her so special in our lives.

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

Have you hugged your Boxer(s) today?


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