Greenies Pill Pockets - Boxer Endorsed

I HAVE to share about these Pill Pockets by Greenies... We found them by accident when at a trip to the ER vet for Astrid. We were charged an enormous amount of money for a small bag, however it was worth it. Astrid took the pills with NO problem!

I used to have to attempt to hide pills in peanut butter or wrap them in lunch meat, where her clever self would eat the treat and spit out the pill...

These thing are amazing, little treats with a hole in the middle, soft like play doh, you pop in the pill and shape the treat around the pill. It is swallowed in one gulp. Seriously if it's that good I don't know why dogs don't CHEW it to taste it, but regardless it works.

If you have a pill popping pup, give these a try!

(I am not sure how healthy (or not) they are -but they relieve owner stress that's for sure!)

Alethea Anderson
The Boxer Blogger

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